Ask Our Docs: Multiples Edition!

Double, triple and quadruple your fun – and your health know-how! Twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets and even sextuplets ask The Doctors multiple health questions.

Two is Company
First up: Twins! Learn what paired-up siblings want to know about their health.

Identical twins, identical metabolisms? Cassandra and Kelsey ask if their weight will differ as they get older.

Identical or fraternal?
Sisters Jennifer and Jessica, 28, find out for the first time if they’re identical or fraternal.

Same genes, same health?
Liz and Amanda take blood tests to see if their health is as similar as their appearance.

Growing up twins.
Kendyl and Kayla, 10, ask if they’ll look different when they grow up. | Giving twins attention.

Three’s a Crowd
Odds of being an identical triplet are one in 150,000! See what it’s like to live life in threes. 

The Docs’ favorite triplets. See what Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn have been up to since their previous appearance.

Tight, taut and toned.
The triplets undergo three, non-invasive tummy-tightening procedures.

Separated at School?
Alice asks if her identical triplets should be separated at school.


Four is More
The Furtick Quads, 22-two-year-old identical quadruplets Keith, Jason, Kevin and Victor each weighed 1 pound 8 ounces at birth. Meet the four brothers and hear about their unique lives.

One in 11 million.
The chances of having a set of identical quadruplets are one in 11 million.

Does illness come in fours?
The brothers were born with asthma and ask if they'll suffer more identical ilnesses in the future.

Five, Six … Learn Their Tricks!
See how parents of quintuplets and sextuplets handle their huge families.

The Wilkinson Quintuplets
At 21 1/2 pounds, these quints hold the record as the heaviest set ever born.

The McGhee Sextuplets
High school sweethearts Mia and Rozonno were blessed with a true miracle — times 6!

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