Embarrassing Questions About Your Buttocks

The Doctors get to the bottom of your colon health in this two-for-one episode. Then, CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses a shocking new treatment that could help boost your brain power. Plus, tips for building strong bones even if you're lactose intolerant.

The Bottom Line
No butts about it, The Doctors take on your biggest backside questions.

Why is the color around your anus a little different color than the rest of your body, and is there a reason for that discoloration? And, is anal bleaching safe?

Is buying a bidet worth the money? You decide after plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon shows off the best seat in the house, a smart toilet with remote controlled bidet nozzles, a deodorizer and a stereo.


• In case you missed it: Actress Jamie Lee Curtis discusses how to take control of your digestive health.

Flatulence: Fact or Fiction?
The Doctors gas guru Dr. Jorge Rodriguez separates fact from fiction about flatulence.

“It is gas that we all make. There’s nothing unnatural about it," Dr. Rodrigeuz, a gastroenterologist, explains.

Plus, Dr. Ordon and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears compare notes after keeping a fart journal for a day. Find out if they're average.

Fact or Fiction? Men pass more gas than women.

Fact or fiction? All toots are created equal.


Bottoms Up!
E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains why drinking a cup of Joe brings relief when you’re constipated. 

Do the Funky Donkey
Real Housewife of Atlanta Phaedra Parks and her husband, Apollo Nida, a personal trainer, show you how to do the funky donkey, a move that works your hamstrings and glutes.

Shocking Brain Booster
CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta joins The Doctors to discuss an experimental shock treatment that could boost your brain power. Plus, Dr. Gupta talks about producing a TV medical drama based on his novel Monday Mornings about the closed door meetings where doctors hold each other accountable for the complications they encounter during the week. And Dr. Travis puts actors Jennifer Finnigan and Jamie Bamber, who play neurosurgeons on Monday Mornings, to the test.

February is Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month
Learn how to build strong bones even if you're lactose intolerant.


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OAD 2/04/13