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Birth Control for Men?
Researchers may have found a way to create a male birth control pill. They’ve discovered that blocking the function of Vitamin A in the testes can turn off sperm production.

“The big question, of course, is will guys actually take it, and more importantly, will ladies trust them?” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

Then, Dr. Dudley Danoff, an urologist, explains how a male birth control pill would work, the side effects and when it might be available.

Gasping for Air
Dr. Amir Yazdan was getting gas in his car when he heard someone cry, “Help me! My baby’s not breathing!” He discovered a vehicle with a young boy inside who was gasping for breath and beginning to turn blue. The boy’s mother said he had asthma.

Dr. Yazdan, a hair transplant surgeon and E.R. physician, knew he had to act quickly, and performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the boy.

Dr. Yazdan describes how he helped the young boy, and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains how asthma affects the lungs.

Meet Tiger, the young boy who suffered the asthma attack, and watch as he surprises the doctor who saved his life.


The Doctors Investigate: The Dangers of Bed Rails
More than 150 people have died in incidents involving bed rails from 2003 to 2012, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

“Sometimes something that is designed to prevent injuries can cause them,” Dr. Travis says.

Investigative reporter Melanie Woodrow examines the potential dangers of these devices.

The Food and Drug Administration oversees bed rails that are used for medical purposes, while the CPSC oversees those used for consumer purposes, such as adult portable bed rails. Portable rails are intended to be installed on an adult bed to prevent falls or to help a person reposition in bed.

In 2006, the FDA released voluntary guidelines to help reduce bed rail entrapments.

Melanie says consumers need to be aware of the risks so they can ask questions and make informed decisions.

Pamela shares how her father died after his head and neck got caught in a bed rail. She wants others to learn from her loss.

Dr. Travis and Melanie demonstrate how adults could get caught in bed rails and become strangled or asphyxiated.


Man Living With No Heart?
When Chad’s body rejected his first heart transplant, doctors found another way to keep him alive -- an artificial heart.

Hear Chad describe what it's like to live with an artificial heart.

Two of Chad’s doctors explain how his artificial heart works.


Ask The Doctors
The Doctors debunk claims that have some viewers “confused by the news.”

Rosetta asks: "I heard a new study that says that being slightly overweight reduces your mortality. Doctors, is this true?"

Holland asks: "Doctors, I’m confused. Am I getting the same nutrition from eating a vitamin-infused cookie as I am from eating an orange or banana?"


Life-Saving Stilettos?
Ladies, wear your heels and feel empowered! Jennifer Cassetta, a third-degree black belt and personal trainer, shows OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson how to use her stilettos to defend herself from an attacker.

Women and Smoking
Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, chief medical officer of Pfizer, discusses some of the health risks that female smokers face, including heart disease and lung cancer.

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