The Best Weight Loss Tips for 2013!

Give Peas a Chance

Did you know one cup of peas has more protein than an egg? Consuming protein is essential for any weight loss plan. That’s why The Doctors want you to give peas a chance with the Give Peas a Chance Protein Shake! Get the recipe.

Have you kept your 2013 weight loss resolutions? If you’ve slipped back into your old habits, The Doctors show you how to get back on track with inspiring weight loss stories of people who’ve “been there, lost that!”

40 Years of Fitness
The Doctors welcome a fitness icon who not only lost 123 pounds himself, but has made weight loss dreams a reality for thousands of people — the one and only Richard Simmons.

“It’s all about your worth,” Richard says. “People can be cruel because they’re messed up too and you keep these [cruel] things like squirrels keep nuts. They’re on this reel in our minds, so you have to take the imaginary pair of scissors and cut the reel and build up your self-esteem.”

• “I used to be overweight but I lost 45 pounds!” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears reveals. Hear how he did it!

Believe in Miracles
Doctors said Gulf War paratrooper veteran Arthur Boorman would never be able to walk unassisted after too many jumps led to chronic back and knee problems. Following his prognosis, Arthur became depressed and his weight ballooned dramatically.

“My highest weight was over 340 pounds,” Arthur says. “I weighed so much I couldn’t weigh myself accurately on one scale.”

But Arthur’s life changed when wrestler-turned-yogi Diamond Dallas Page took him under his wing and introduced him to yoga. Arthur documented his perseverance in a YouTube video that reached more than 7 million hits. His message? Believe in miracles! Anything is possible, don’t give up!

Since his transformation, Arthur has not only lost 140 pounds, but can run for miles all on his own.

Spin Class Secrets
Mike & Molly
star Reno Wilson joins The Doctors to reveal how spinning helped him drop 31 pounds.

Take it Rep by Rep
Guinness World Record holder for the biggest arms in the world, 24-year-old Egyptian bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail, discusses how he achieved his impressive title.

Moustafa explains that he once weighed 229 pounds, but after visiting the nutritionist, lost 88 of those pounds and discovered weight lifting. Now, Moustafa lifts 100 pounds on each arm, 20 to 30 repetitions a set.

See Moustafa’s larger-than-life biceps.

Be Accountable
Singer Mandisa, who recently lost 100 pounds, shares weight loss secrets from the road. Latest: Have your friends hold you accountable.

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