Slim Down, Shape Up & Look HOT This Winter

Fun Ways to Relax and Shape Up this Winter

Check out a fun way to stay active this winter as pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears demonstrates roller skiing!

• Fitness and nutrition expert Denise Austin’s winter weight-loss tip.

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson visits Iobella Spa for a truly hot workout inside a thermal heat capsule! Learn the benefits of this unique exercise routine.

Watch as plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon undergoes a vigorous Voda Platza massage in a 200-degree sauna.
The procedure claims to draw out impurities, improve circulation, prevent premature aging of the skin, improve metabolism and refresh the spirit.

Solutions for Winter Beauty Complaints
With cold weather often comes cold-related body issues. From reducing the appearance of a red neck to hydrating dry skin and more, The Doctors reveal solutions for common winter woes.

Stay warm this winter with a Minky Couture blanket!

Laser Cure for Red Skin

Janette has noticeably-reddish skin and striations on her neck, brought on by years of sun exposure. She finds that her condition is exacerbated during the cold winter months.

Medically-referred to as Poikiloderma of Civatte, reddish-brown discoloration forms on the lateral cheeks and neck, while the area shaded by the chin is usually unaffected.

“This kind of redness is not a sunburn; it’s actually a structural change caused by ultraviolet damage,” explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban.

Watch as Dr. Shamban treats Janette’s problematic pigment with a vascular laser. Plus, Dr. Ordon gives prevention tips to avoid facial redness, as well as makeup tips to help conceal red-tinted skin.

The Doctors’ Hottie Healthy
Hot Chocolate

Get the recipe for an antioxidant-rich winter warmer with healthier ingredients than the traditional hot cocoa.

Maintaining Luscious Lips
“Our lips don’t have oil glands,” Dr. Travis explains. “Another thing – in the winter, we often forget about the sun and our lips have less melanin, which means they’re more susceptible to sun damage. All of this leads to dry lips.”

The Doctors reveal an all-natural way to help moisturize lips and keep them luscious and soft.

Curing Dry, Chapped Hands
Brittle nails and cracked skin can occur from persistent exposures of cold outdoor air combined with warm indoor air. To remedy dehydrated hands and fingernails, Dr. Lisa recommends applying petroleum jelly and covering them overnight to let the moisture seep in.

Another solution is using the hydrating benefits of oxygenated mists, such as The OxyHandSpa by Pretika. This compact hand treatment may help alleviate the symptoms of dry and itchy skin caused by environmental factors or skin conditions such as eczema. The OxyHandSpa infuses moisture back into hands with warm or cool hydrating mists that saturate skin for a smooth and supple result.

Enter for a chance to win your own OxyHandSpa by Pretika!

Ultrasonic Smile Enhancer

A recent study showed that approximately one-third of American adults are unhappy with their smile.

Kari Sakurai, D.D.S. reveals tips to make a dull winter smile gleam. Plus, see how a new toothbrush with ultrasonic technology requires no brushing at all! The Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush effectively cleans teeth and gums without friction, and instead uses ultrasonic vibrations with 96 million oscillations per minute. In addition, the Emmi-Dent can help destroy tartar and plaque buildup, as well as kill germs and bacteria under the gums where no bristles, mouthwash or floss can reach.

“It’s excellent for people with receding or sensitive gums because it’s very, very gentle,” Dr. Sears adds. “It stimulates blood flow in the gums and stimulates healing.”

Facial Hair Hygiene
Some men elect to grow a beard for added warmth during the winter season; while facial hair can have its benefits, a bushy beard can retain smells, trap food particles, and for those starting to grow a beard, there is a risk for ingrown hairs or folliculitis.

The Doctors discuss the best ways to groom and clean facial hair for healthy facial hair hygiene.

Eyebrow Dandruff?
Erica in Portland, Oregon writes:
I’ve noticed that during winter months my daughter’s skin gets super dry and that leads to a weird body issue – eyebrow dandruff! Do you have any ways I can help her avoid this?

Dr. Sears explains how flaky eyebrows can be attributed to dry winter air causing skin to shed, but could also be a buildup of facial creams/cleansers, or can actually be seborrheic dermatitis, or dandruff, in the eyebrows.

Dr. Sears recommends using a soft-bristled toothbrush and baby shampoo to gently scrub the eyebrows, then apply baby oil and let it soak in for 10 minutes before washing out to prevent clogged pores.

If the condition persists, using dandruff shampoo on the eyebrows once or twice a week can be used to clear up the condition.

Following Intuition
Is there such a thing as a soul mate or a match made in Heaven? Can following your intuition really help you find that special someone?

World-renowned intuitive medium and author of Love Karma, Char Margolis, joins the show to discuss how intuition can play an important role in finding true love.

“Intuition is real and just like everything else in life, including relationships, you’ve got to follow your gut,” Char says.

Cured Meat Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is known to have a soothing effect, but what about aromatherapy that not only reduces stress but boosts your appetite and your mood? Salumoterapia, Italian for cured meat therapy, is offered at Hosteria da Ivan outside Parma, Italy. Participants inhale aromas of cured meats, such as salami, pepperoni and prosciutto, which some believe to stimulate salivary glands to enhance appetite and mood.


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