The Hunger Games – Doctors Style!

“Losing weight sometimes seems like a game that you just can’t win,” says E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork. “You try to play by the rules, you eat right, you exercise but today we’re going to throw all those diet rules out the door.”

Dr. Travis shows new methods to fight hunger pangs, cut calories and tone your body. To help wage war against body fat, TV personality Edd Hall joins the show as The Master of Ceremonies.

• Dr. Travis explains the three types of hunger – physical, sensory and emotional.

Meet the hunger teams – No Country for Fat Men, Muffin Top Stoppers, Thin It to Win It and Mission Slimpossible.

“This is what you’re playing for: You’ll be playing to win the ultimate health and fitness giveaway – a weeklong wellness trip to Miami, Florida,” Dr. Travis states.

Four teams, four challenges, but in the end, there can be only one. Let The Doctors’ Hunger Games begin!

Challenge #1: The Organ Ultimatum

Dr. Travis shows how poor diet and excess weight have negative effects on vital organs. Plus, see which team gets eliminated in a tiebreaker challenge!

Challenge #2: The Consumption Crash Course

How many pounds of different food groups does the average American consume each year? Watch the three remaining teams duke it out in a consumption crash course!

Dr. Travis reveals the answers to the food consumption questions. See which teams survive to play another round and which team gets ousted.

Challenge #3: Portion Control Pop Quiz

The final two teams face off as Dr. Travis quizzes them on serving size questions.

Surprise dance-off! Audience members bust their best moves on the spot to get their team added back into the games. See who wins!

Cat Cora's Bonus Hunger Game
Iron Chef and co-host of Bravo’s Around the World in 80 Plates, Cat Cora, joins The Doctors' Hunger Games to explain the health benefits of certain exotic foods. Watch as Dr. Travis and two brave audience members taste-test unusual yet healthy fare, such as blood sausage and corn-smut!

• Learn about Cat’s international and domestic charity, Chefs for Humanity, whose mission is to end world hunger.

The Final Hunger Game: Physical Challenge
Fitness guru Jake Steinfeld, renowned for his Body By Jake fitness empire, joins the show to assist the hunger teams in their final, deciding challenge. Jake is currently a chairman of The National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils and was also one of 22 Americans to carry the Olympic torch at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Jake also has a new novel called Take a Shot, which is based on the story of how he launched a professional lacrosse league. “[The book] is really about perseverance, friendship and a really crazy adventure,” Jake says. “It’s about not quitting on your dream. Everybody in this audience [and] everyone at home has a passion, and I’m a big believer that passion leads and everything else follows. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything you want in your life.”

See who wins The Doctors’ Hunger Games in a physical fitness challenge!

Dr. Travis' Weight-Loss Essentials
Dr. Travis reveals what you must have in order to shed pounds. Plus, see products that can help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

“Losing weight is not easy. You have to know those hunger triggers,” Dr. Travis says. “When those triggers knock you down, get back up again. Never give up on your own journey to better health."

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OAD 9/25/12