How to Lose Weight and Feel Great at Any Age!

Take Control of Your Digestive Health
Award-winning actress and author Jamie Lee Curtis believes that “what you feel inside comes out on the outside. When you aren’t regular, you don’t feel well.”

Jamie Lee, who calls herself an “unlikely health advocate,” says she didn’t realize how big of a problem that digestive health was when Dannon asked her to be the spokesperson for Activia yogurt eight years ago.

She says that a well-being index recently conducted by Dannon found that 90 percent of people have some digestive issue and half of those say it impacts their lives.

Today Jamie Lee recognizes that the “single biggest impact I’ve had has been in digestive health. People come up to me all over the world and stop me and go, ‘You have helped me.’”

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says that 4 million Americans have severe, frequent constipation, which means they have less than three bowel movements a week.

And OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson notes that digestive issues go beyond constipation and can include heartburn, bloating and diverticulitis, which causes small pouches in the colon's lining to become inflamed.

Dr. Travis says that many people’s diets lead to the “unspoken day-to-day reality” of poor bowel health.

“We eat so many refined grains and sugars in this country without any fiber. We don’t drink water. We drink soda. We don’t put the types of things into our mouths that allow for good digestive health,” he says. “So it is important for us to talk about the fact that you can make changes to your habits, the things you eat, to improve your GI health.”

Aging Gracefully
While Jamie Lee Curtis was promoting her children’s book, I’m Going to Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem, she realized she was struggling with the idea of aging, and she decided to come clean.

So, she appeared in More magazine in 2002 stripped down to a sports bra and briefs and without any makeup as well as styled with full makeup. It was an effort to show how photos in fashion magazines are manipulated and that women shouldn’t compare themselves to the women in those pictures.

“What I was trying to do was say, ‘Do not look at me and judge yourself,’” Jamie Lee explains.

“I had tried some plastic surgery, I had tried dieting, crazy dieting, I had tried everything to change the natural course that God intended, which is aging,” Jamie Lee says. “We are supposed to age, we are supposed to change and soften and thicken.

“My concern is that women are attempting to change themselves artificially to make themselves feel better, and I actually believe that feeling better begins inside, and it’s not the outside.”

Managing Migraines
Recording artist and actress Jordin Sparks has been very busy since becoming the American Idol, and she’s determined not to let debilitating migraines slow her down.

Jordin uses a free online app called "My Migraine Triggers" to track the food and activities and help her identify and understand what triggers her migraines. She found that her triggers are stress, climate change and singing high notes.

Jordin recalls going to the doctor about two years ago and finding out she had walking pneumonia. She says that was her “aha moment” that she needed to make her health a priority. She started being more active and re-evaluated what she was eating.

“My thing was I would just keep eating because it tasted good, not because I was hungry,” she says.

Since then, she's lost 50 pounds.

“I sleep better. I feel better,” she says. “There’s no crazy secret. You just have to want to do it and take the little steps.”

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