Myth or Reality: The Drs Set the Record Straight!

The Doctors set the record straight on common health myths and realities.

New year, new you! Singer Mandisa shares her tips for staying slim in 2013.

Myth or Reality: Go No. 2 at least once a day
Is it necessary to make a bowel movement every day for optimal health? Find out.

“Constipation is defined as fewer than three stools per week,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “The more fiber and fluids you include in your diet, the more likely you’re going to have regular bowel movements.”

Weight Loss Robot

Having problems losing weight on your own? Get support and motivation from a cute, counter-top, calorie-counting coach. Meet Autom, an interactive social robot programmed to help keep track of your food intake and exercise activity.

Founder and CEO of Intuitive Automata, Dr. Cory Kidd, joins The Doctors to demonstrate his latest breakthrough in healthcare technology.

“I’ve been applying technology to healthcare applications for years and saw that something like Autom could be very effective at becoming a [weight loss] coach or trainer,” Dr. Kidd says.

 “Autom will have a conversation with you about how well you’ve eaten and how much exercise you’ve done,” he adds.

 While Autom won’t become available until June 2013, you can learn more and pre-order one at

“Save” Your Skin
Hollywood couple Anne Heche, star of the new NBC comedy Save Me, and actor James Tupper join The Doctors to separate myth from reality when it comes to sun protection.


Myth or Reality: Vaginas don’t return to their original size after child birth
After delivering a baby naturally, does a woman’s vagina revert to its previous size? OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson has the answer. 

Myth or Reality: Drinking milk produces excess phlegm
Eight-year-old Seth wants to know if drinking milk makes more mucus in the throat. See what Seth discovers as Dr. Sears takes him through an on-stage demonstration.

Myth or Reality: Flickering from your TV can cause a migraine
Chief medical officer of Pfizer, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, joins Dr. Travis to explain common triggers for migraines.

Dr. Lewis-Hall explains that headaches come in many different sizes and types. Frequent headaches could signal an underlying health issue, so be sure to consult your physician if you experience migraines or any type of headache on a regular basis.

“Here’s the key,” Dr. Travis adds. "At home you need to be proactive. Document when headaches occur, keep a diary of your triggers, then you can take that info and share it with your physician.”

For more information on migraines visit

Myth or Reality: Thinning hair means a greater risk for heart attack
Could going bald mean you’re at greater risk for suffering a heart attack?

Food Fact vs. Fiction
Celebrity nutritionist Samantha Grant joins Dr. Travis and Dr. Sears to separate food fact from fiction.

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