All I Want for Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … on The Doctors’ stage! With a little help from Santa and Mrs. Claus, The Docs reveal healthy ways to relax, unwind and indulge this holiday season.

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Enter to Win!

Ho ho ho! Santa’s got some extra goodies on his sleigh.

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Happy “Spalidays!”
Beauty expert Kym Douglas joins plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon to give Mrs. Claus a complexion makeover. Plus, more helpful holiday tips to treat yourself and look your best!

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
Thinking of giving a female friend a shiny, sparkly gift this Christmas? Dr. Ordon explains the science behind women’s relationships with diamonds.

“When a woman gets an unexpected gift, especially something so nice, that pleasure center in her brain gets stimulated,” Dr. Ordon says.

Holiday Fire Safety
Christmas lights aren’t the only source of holiday fire danger! Be careful when lighting your yule log. Debris can get stuck in your chimney and ignite.

Eggnog Dangers
While traditional eggnog contains raw egg, the FDA advises using a cooked egg base when making the festive beverage, as ingesting raw egg puts you at high risk for contracting food-borne infections such as salmonella.

Tips to enjoy your eggnog without risking your health:
• Stick to store-bought varieties, as they are generally pasteurized.
• Only use pasteurized eggs when making homemade nog. Pasteurization is a process meant to destroy salmonella with low levels of heat without significantly affecting the flavor or nutritional content of the egg.
• Don’t count on alcohol to kill bacteria. Some people believe adding rum, whisky or other spirits will make eggnog safe; however, this method has not been proven.

Healthy Holidays!
Feel free to indulge … as long as it’s healthy. The Doctors share tips for staying fit through the festivities.

Hitting the holiday “sauce?” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains why there’s a time and place for holiday drinking.

Back to the Grind!
After the new year, your holiday health hiatus is over! Watch Santa and Mrs. Claus get back in the game at Crunch Fitness. Plus, see a new fitness video game you can play at home on your Xbox.

Christmas in the Sand
Two-time Grammy winner Colbie Caillat serenades The Doctors with holiday tunes from her latest album, Christmas in the Sand. Plus, why Colbie wants you to rescue a shelter dog this season.


Christmas Tree Mold
Christmas trees may look and smell pleasant, but can actually make you feel sick! A variety of molds thrive in damp tree foliage, which can fall onto your carpet and potentially trigger respiratory irritation and illness. One way to remove mold spores and other allergy-causing free radicals from your flooring is with a steam cleaner. A June 2011 study published in the American Journal of Infection Control found steam vapor devices consistently reduced total microbial and pathogen loads on various surfaces.

The Power & Finesse is an upright steam mop with a handheld steam cleaner nested inside, perfect for cleaning floors and above-ground areas. It works on a large number of surfaces and kills 99.9 percent of household germs, bacteria and dust mites using only water. Visit for more information.


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