Dr. Phil’s Life Code: Get What You Want, Keep What You Get

The world as we know it is changing, and with those changes come new opportunities and new dangers. The Doctors and special guest Dr. Phil McGraw empower you to protect yourself, your health and your family with strategies from Dr. Phil’s new book, Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World.

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“Out of all the books I’ve written, this was the one I was most passionate about,” Dr. Phil says. “When the game changes, the rules change. When the rules change, you've got to throw out the old book, so I wrote a new one.”

Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World is published by The Doctors' executive producer Jay McGraw’s publishing company, Bird Street Books, Inc. and is sold through these online retailers and at bookstores nationwide.

How to See Through a Scam
Americans waste billions of dollars each year on fraudulent scams from illegal pharmacy websites to con artists who promise big investments and leave them with nothing.

The FDA recently shut down more than 18,000 illegal pharmacy websites and recalled 40 products for weight loss, 70 for sexual enhancement, 80 for body building and more. Many products containing dangerous ingredients are being deceptively labeled, and the side effects can be so harmful, they can even result in death. Phrases like “miracle drug,” “wonder pill” and even “scientifically proven” are being used to lure consumers desperate for solutions to these bogus products, and the consequences can be disastrous.

• Bogged down with medical bills? Dr. Phil shares the basic rules of negotiating so you can manage your debts.

But the deception doesn’t stop at product labels and advertising. Unfortunately, when you least expect it, someone in your life can turn around and stab you in the back. Such was the case for Riverside, California couple Erin and Ron, whose church pastor offered to assist them with a property investment, and ended up leaving them bankrupt.

“Financially he knew we were struggling,” Erin says. “It was our opportunity to get out of debt. With a little bit of faith, actually a lot of faith, we went over and wired [the pastor] $160,000.”

Shortly after Erin and Ron made what they thought was a smart, yet risky investment, they discovered the property was never purchased and their $160,000 was gone. The scandal took both an emotional and physical toll on the couple, and Erin ended up collapsing from chronic anxiety.

“This is a grand example of how psychological stress can turn into physiological stress,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

“I call these people BAITERs: Back stabbers, abusers, imposters, takers and reckless,” Dr. Phil says. “They are people that will sell a patient fake medicine and are just being reckless with life itself.”

“One of the things I want to do is teach people how to spot these folks coming and how to understand specifically how they do what they do,” Dr. Phil says.

Detect a BAITER by noticing these telling characteristics:

The Evil 8
1. See the world through a lens of entitlement.
2. Lack of empathy.
3. Incapable of feeling remorse or guilt.
4. Self-destructive behavior.
5. Feed off drama and crises.

6. Try to brag and outsmart you.
7. Have short-lived relationships.
8. Have delusions.

Go with Your Gut

Have you ever had a bad feeling about someone but gave them the benefit of the doubt anyway? Learn why going with your gut is almost always the right decision.

“Nine times out of 10, you’re right,” OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says.

Dr. Phil urges everyone to recognize what makes them vulnerable.

The Nefarious 15
1. They infiltrate your life with promises and flattery.
2. Define you as a conspiratorial confidant.
3. Are focused on getting your approval.
4. They gather data to build a file on you.
5. Misdirect and maintain a mystery about who they really are.
6. Constantly blame others when confronted.
7. They will lie to the point of destruction.
8. Tendency to cheat and steal.
9. Isolate their victims to foster dependency.
10. Abuse positions of power.
11. Know your hot buttons to gain leverage.
12. Selective memory.
13. Two-faced: Spread lies and gossip.
14. Paranoid.
15. Passive aggressive.

Change Direction
Stephan, 27, says he’s sick and tired of the direction his life is going and asks Dr. Travis and Dr. Phil how to turn it around.

“I don’t have the success in my life that I want -- at all,” Stephan says. “Throughout my life I’ve always been someone who’s generous. I’ve probably lent out over $40,000, but I’ve only got about $5,000 back.

“I wish life had an instruction booklet so they can tell you ‘this is what you need to do and this is how you can find success.’”

Stephan also says he has an allergy to alcohol and that after his friends all turned 21, their social lives became focused on drinking, which left him excluded and lonely.

“Up to 80 percent of Asians have alcohol intolerance, and when you have alcohol intolerance, you’re lacking a certain enzyme,” Dr. Travis explains. “If you can’t break [alcohol] down, you can get flushing of the face, nausea, vomiting, headaches and feel terrible. People who have this alcohol intolerance don’t want to drink and there’s a medical reason for that, but that shouldn’t be a reason to struggle to make friends.”

“I don’t drink at all and I’ve made that choice and it’s never bothered me at all. For a lot of people it’s a social lubricant, they need it to get their inhibitions down so they can come out,” Dr. Phil says.

“You don’t need to anesthetize a part of your brain in order to have fun,” he says.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Do you feel down in the dumps during fall and winter? Dr. Travis and chief medical officer of Pfizer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall explain it  may be a type of depression called seasonal affective disorder.

“SAD occurs routinely around the same time each year and is associated with having less natural sunlight,” Dr. Lewis-Hall says.

Find out the symptoms of SAD and how you can treat it.

• Learn more at healthierworld.net

Dr. Phil advises Stephan to turn his life around using the Sweet 16 Success Tips:
1. Have a defined image of your character.
2. Create a perception of uniqueness.
3. Play big, not just long.
4. Learn to claim and accept praise, and acknowledge it in a gracious way.
5. Become "essential."
6. Know your real currency.
7. Always have a plan.
8. Keep things “close to the vest.”
9. Always be investigative.
10. Stretch your way to success, even if it feels like you're “faking it until you make it.”
11. Always keep your options open.
12. Master the system and figure out a way to make it work for you.
13. Create a passionate nucleus of supporters.
14. Deal only with the truth.
15. Recognize and use the ego and greed of others to create a path to success.
16. Pick your battles and never let your opponent have control.

“The difference between winners and losers is winners do things losers don’t want to do,” Dr. Phil says. “You’ve got to stop whining and start doing.”

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