Ask Our Doctors

How to shoot "Ask Our Doctors" Home Videos



Here is all the information you need to make the best home video for our show!  First, we will need for you to get a friend or family member that can shoot this video with you. That way we can have a full, clear shot of you.


The individual holding the camera should shoot each question three ways:
  1. A wide shot, from the waist up (this will display the landmark behind you).
  2. From the chest up
  3. From the shoulders up.

Head-to-toe is probably not necessary unless the entire background is pertinent to the topic.


Outside, in front of a landmark or great visual that best represents your city!


• Look to camera.
Introduce yourself and where you are asking the question from, and then ask your question.  [We can give you something written to guide you, if you like.]


ENERGY! Speak loudly with lots of energy
Say the lines three to four times on camera so we can pick the best take. If you have problems remembering the entire script, break it down into sections.
Do your hair and makeup like normal — remember, though, you'll be on television!
Shoot in a VERY well lit area. This is important. If indoors, make sure all the lamps are on in front of you. If the lights are behind you, you will be in silhouette.

Dress nicely in bright colors. 
Stay away from the colors white, black and anything with a logo.
Blue and green look best.


Shots of your city and any major landmarks (no signs or logos).
These can be static or moving shots, i.e., pans (left to right, right to left), tilts (up and down), or zooms (in and out). 
Just anchor yourself for those movement shots so we get the steadiest possible footage. No shaky shots!

Thanks and HAVE FUN!