Get Off Your Meds

New Cochleas, New Life
Dawn, 43, a mother of two, lost her hearing 15 years ago due to an unknown cause. She’s since communicated by reading lips and has never heard her 8-year-old son Asher’s voice. After learning she was a candidate for a cochlear implant, Dawn underwent the procedure to make a difference in her family’s life.

Reading lips
Dawn says "communicating is exhausting."

"I’m not afraid of surgery, I’m afraid of hearing.” Neurotologist Dr. William Slattery performs Dawn’s cochlear implant.

Hearing Asher’s voice Witness Dawn hear Asher’s voice for the very first time.


Are You Overdoing It?
Are you over-treating your skin and hair? Should you take your child off his or her ADHD medication? Learn if you should scale back on your health regimen.

Overused skin products Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban reveals three products people tend to overuse.

Avoid product buildup
Celebrity hair stylist Angela Kalinowski shares her tips for healthy hair. Plus, how to get rid of product buildup.

"Drug Holidays?"
Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains "drug holidays" for kids taking ADHD medication. Plus, natural ADHD solutions.

Should you break up with "Bob?" Ayla asks OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson if she should take a break from Bob, her "battery-operated boyfriend."
• Safe sex app? Get medical info on your smart phone.

Laser treatment for hearing loss.
How loud music affects hearing.
Ear infections.

Eat your way to beautiful skin.
Healthy hair tips.

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OAD 2/7/13