Must-Know Gadgets, Gizmos and Health Trends

The Doctors review this year’s hottest health and fitness products so you can make informed decisions.

Home Gadgets
Learn about the newest products that can help you at home.

• Dining solo? Stay safe with The Heimlich Helper.

Self-Pleasure Bars?
Japan has put a fresh spin on “ladies night” with a new women-only bar that’s themed around the act of self-pleasuring.

The establishment called Love Joule is located in Tokyo and opened last July as Japan’s first “love and sex bar dedicated to women.” Patrons will find a selection of sex toys behind the counter, meant to visually encourage women to feel confident about their sexual needs.

“Women who are comfortable talking about their bodies and sex openly and honestly have better orgasms, sexual relationship and body confidence,” OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says.

Fitness Gizmos
Discover the newest ways to melt fat and stay fit!

Get a full-body workout with the BallBike. | Save $150 off your BallBike purchase with this discount code: Doctors2012

Nutrition News

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears reveals the newest, healthiest snacks.

Fresh-sprayed fruit juice?

Amazing Inventions
From smart phones to video games, technology is making waves in the health industry. Rock Health, a not-for-profit business development company, helps innovators and entrepreneurs develop bright, new technologies and ideas for the health industry.

“Being an entrepreneur is pretty difficult. It’s challenging to get ideas off the ground,” CEO and co-founder of Rock Health, Halle Tecco, says. “We help them get the resources they need and connect them to medical professionals and investors.”

See how a smart phone can help detect skin cancer and heart disease.
Learn about Home Team Therapy, personalized physical therapy sessions at home.


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