100,000 Pound Weight Loss Secrets!

The Doctors tip the scale with not 100, not 1,000, but 100,000 pounds worth of weight loss secrets! The first weigh-in of the day starts with The Doctors' audience, who collectively lost 8,523 pounds! See some of their amazing transformations.

“You can do it,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “It is about healthy eating and being active, but the one thing you have to do right here, right now, is make a commitment. Once you make it, your life will change and the pounds will come off.”

Have you made a commitment to losing weight? Help The Doctors’ scale reach 100,000 pounds by sharing your weight loss achievement. You could be asked to appear on the show!

Don’t Weight!
A group of employees of Manatee County, Florida have turned their health around with the help of Why Wait, a weight loss incentive program developed for Manatee County staff and their family members.

“We’ve seen our claims of chronic conditions decrease by over 10 percent, and we’re seeing our hospitalization [cases] decrease by 22 percent,” Manatee County benefits manager Kim Stroud reports.

Why Wait kicked off in October 2011, and half of Manatee County’s employee base weighed in. Now, one year later, the participants have shed a total of 10,875 pounds!

Believe in Yourself
Janette, 32, says after dealing with several deaths in her family when she was just a teenager, she became an emotional eater to deal with the pain.

“I feel that overeating is an addiction; I chose food, some people choose drugs,” Janette says. “I started overeating, I ate myself to 480 pounds.”

Janette’s weight affected her life in several ways, including her health, her self-esteem and her marriage; however, Janette’s ultimate wake-up call was when she was cited for not wearing a seatbelt while driving her car.

“When I got pulled over for a ticket, the police officer said he pulled me over because I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. I said ‘I can’t wear my seatbelt. I’m too fat.’ That’s when I decided to take charge of my health,” Janette says.

After making the commitment to change her eating habits by counting calories, watching her sugar, carb and sodium intake and drinking one gallon of water per day, Janette lost 220 pounds!

 “I believed in myself, I knew I could do it!” Janette says.

To reward her tremendous achievement, The Doctors and lifestyle expert Lawrence Zarian give Janette a full makeover! See Janette’s new look.

Shake the Weight off Your Hips
Fitness can be fun! See how people are peeling off the pounds with their favorite moves.

American Idol star Mandisa lost more than 100 pounds! Learn her secret. | Plus, get a discount on her latest album!

Pay It Forward
Learn how two formerly-overweight men are inspiring others to change their lives!

Mile-High Health

Denver, Colorado, is one of the healthiest cities in America. Colorado correspondent Tawnya Rush shares some of the state’s most inspiring weight loss stories! Hear how a group of 100 people lost a total of 1,010 pounds!

Trainer and author of Think and Grow Thin,Charles D’Angelo, recently helped 20 people in St. Louis, Missouri lose more than 2,000 pounds!

After losing 160 himself pounds more than a decade ago, Charles decided to inspire others to change their lives through health and fitness.

“One important thing to take into account is I almost lost my eyesight because of being borderline diabetic,” Charles says. “It is totally within your grasp to change your health.”

In the last year, Charles’ clients have lost more than 15,000 pounds collectively! The Doctors add the impressive number to the scale, bringing it up to 32,527 pounds.

See Charles' previous appearance on The Doctors.

Eli, a father from Florida, says once he ballooned to almost 300 pounds, he knew he had to make a drastic change. Now, as an avid marathon runner weighing in at a healthy 180 pounds, Eli says he wants to help others and be an inspiration to his three children.

“I found my passion, which is to help others reach their success as well,” he says.

Eli’s Top 5 Weight Loss Tips
• Habits cannot be broken, they can only be replaced.

• Whenever eating at a restaurant, order whatever you want, but ask the server to pack half of your meal to go before it’s even served.
• Divide your meals so you are eating five times per day.
• Whenever possible, walk or ride a bike instead of driving.
• When tempted to eat something fattening, wait 10 minutes before indulging, which may quell the temptation.

The Final Number
In just one hour, The Doctors' scale weighed in at a total of 51,877 pounds lost! Add your story to the scale today to help reach 100,000.