Turn Your Fat Tummy into a Flat Tummy!

Turn your tummy from fat to flat with tips from The Doctors!

Flat Belly Foods

Killer abs don’t just come from spending hours at the gym – it’s the foods you eat too! Say goodbye to saturated fat and complex carbs, and hello to these body-boosting foods to help you get a flat belly fast.

• What can you sprinkle on your pasta to beat bloat? Find out.

Fast Food Blindfold Challenge

Did you know the average American eats 150 hamburgers per year? That’s approximately 11,798 burgers in an lifetime. 

Then, add in the average 70 hot dogs consumed annually, plus the 350 slices of pizza being eaten every second in the United States alone – that’s a recipe for heart disease.

While foods like these may look and taste delicious, the grease and fats they're cooked in are just the opposite – and can end up circulating through your veins!

Amy, a self-proclaimed fast food junkie says she loves eating greasy foods.

“I love hamburgers, onion rings, corn dogs and I love going to the grocery store and finding the packages of the all-you-can-eat beef patties,” she confesses.

Amy joins The Doctors on stage, blindfolded, to touch and smell the artery-clogging oils and fats she likely consumes in a year. Will it give her the wakeup-call she needs to change her eating habits?

• Grill It or Skillet? Chef Guy Fieri demonstrates delicious dishes with half the fat.

Bloating Dangers
A bloated belly doesn’t just occur from eating too much in one sitting; it can often be a sign of something more serious, such as bowel obstruction.

Oh, Baby!

Meet 1-year-old Jamichael, who was born weighing a whopping 16 pounds! His parents, Janet and Michael, ask pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears their biggest questions about their “little” guy.

• Check out Dr. Sears’ book
The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood

Intestines can become blocked due to a number of reasons including adhesions. Normally, the surface of the abdominal organs is slippery, which allows them to move past one another with ease, but if you have scar tissue or adhesions, these organs can stick to each other and the abdominal wall. This can constrict the intestines, which blocks food and stool from moving through them, causing bowel obstruction.

Another cause is from tumors forming in the intestine, which may press on the outside of the bowel and pinch it closed. It can also grow within the intestinal walls, slowly blocking the inner passage.

Twisted intestines, a condition called ovules, can also cut off flow of wastes, which can create abdominal distention, making your belly appear larger.

Finally, a non-mechanical bowel obstruction called ileus occurs when there is a malfunction in the nerves and muscles of the intestines, which impairs digestive movement.

If you experience severe bloating and pain, be sure to consult your physician, as it could signal one of the above conditions.

Six-Pack Solutions
Lily says no matter how hard she works out, she can’t achieve a six pack.

The abdominal area is made up of multiple muscles and some get more exercise than others, which can result in uneven amounts of muscle mass. For some, the top abs are more developed than the lower abs because more fat is covering that region.

The Doctors hook Lily up to am EMG machine to see how her muscles are working. Find out why Lily’s abs are giving her a hard time, and get workout tips to strengthen your entire core!

• Believe it or not, there are some medical conditions where you shouldn’t do crunches. Find out why!

Sing Yourself Skinny
If you’re stressed about tightening up your tummy, start relaxing! The stress hormone cortisol is directly linked to abdominal fat storage. If you’re not managing your stress properly, it may be harder for you to lose weight.

Dr. Sears checks out the latest fitness trend that not only releases stress but strengthens your core at the same time – by singing! Learn more about Karaoke Yoga.

“Karaoke Yoga was great!” Dr. Sears reports. “It’s great for abs in three ways: yoga reduces stress, a lot of the poses work your core and singing engages your diaphragm and core muscles.”

Danielle’s Weight Loss Journey
Earlier this season, Danielle joined The Doctors to discuss her weight loss journey, which began with robotic gastric bypass surgery.

“It’s a lot of work,” Danielle reports. “You have to read food labels and pay attention to your protein. Going to restaurants is terrifying.”

“It’s not a quick fix, it’s the start of a new journey,” Dr. Travis says.

The Doctors and Danielle make a Flat Belly Frappé in just two minutes! | Get the recipe.