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Mid-Air Meltdown
A pilot for Jet Blue airlines recently suffered what appeared to be a mental breakdown, causing reckless and erratic behavior. Passengers were compelled to take action for the safety of the pilot and everyone on board the flight. The cause for the pilot’s sudden outburst is being investigated but currently remains undetermined. Paul, a former NYPD sergeant, was one of the passengers who helped control the situation, and joins The Doctors to tell his story.

“When you encounter a situation like this, you cannot lose your cool,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “If you’re alone, call 911 [and] get help on the way, because things can escalate really quickly.” 

Moldy Tampon?
Headlines were made when Danielle, 23, found mold growing on a tampon inside a package she had just opened. Danielle publicly exposed the discovery on her blog site, Parr for the Course. The manufacturer has hired an independent testing facility to conduct a thorough investigation of the product in question. Danielle joins The Doctors via phone to discuss her story.

“Tampons are made out of cotton, and they can get [moldy] from exposure [to] moisture just like anything else,” OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains. “You want to store your tampons in someplace that’s dry [and] that’s not dark, like under a cabinet in the bathroom, which is where most women tend to put them because it’s easy and accessible. But really, they need to be out of the bathroom [and] away from moisture.

“[The mold] may not have originated at your house. It may have actually originated in the storage [facility],” Dr. Lisa adds.

Knee Surgery Signs
Craig has lived with knee pain for over 25 years. “I’ve had two ACL reconstructions on my left knee and as I get older, [I] can just tell that things are continually deteriorating,” he says. “[The condition] has limited my activity and it’s steadily getting more painful.”

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Adickes examines Craig’s knee to find the source of his chronic pain.

Watch as Craig undergoes surgery to correct a lateral meniscus tear in his knee.

Dr. Adickes joins The Doctors to explain how Craig’s meniscal cinch surgery was performed.

Dr. Adickes stresses the importance of staying active, even with a knee injury. “If atrophy sets in then the pain [becomes] so much greater. It’s really important to find the exercises that you can do [to] help you maintain your level of fitness and your muscle tone.”

Fighting Fatigue

Vanessa, 37, gets about 10 to 12 hours of sleep every night but is still always tired. Endocrinologist Dr. Katja Van Herle explains the common causes of fatigue and gives her top three tips to boost energy levels.

Testing Fitness Supplements
Jordan from Torrington, Connecticut writes:

I am looking for a way to build muscle and see a lot of nitric oxide supplements that promise to do this. In your opinion, how safe and effective are they?

“The theory behind nitric oxide is that it’s naturally released by your blood vessels. It relaxes blood vessels so you get improved blood flow to your muscles, allowing you to work out harder [and] potentially build more muscle,” Dr. Travis explains.

Paul Austad, owner of CrossFit gym in Eagle Rock, California performs an experiment to test the effects that certain supplements have on exercise endurance.

See how nitric oxide, green tea and a multivitamin placebo affect workout results.

See which supplement had the most impact on strength and stamina.

Exercise researcher at The Mayo Clinic, Dr. Micheal Joyner, explains the foods that increase nitric oxide levels.

Intermittent Fasting
Jared, 29, lost 70 pounds over a one-year span by leveraging intermittent fasting as part of his eating strategy, which included not eating breakfast. The Doctors discuss how fasting can lead to weight loss, but can also have negative side effects and put you at higher risk for obesity later in life.

Granny Basketball League?

Forget playing bridge and bingo! Hit the hardwood with a basketball league for women 50 and older! Sisters Arlene, 85, and Marjorie, 77, show The Doctors some old school moves on the court. Plus, NBA veteran Kiki Vandeweghe joins in the competition!

Fitness Beyond Fifty
Harry H. Gaines, author of Fitness Beyond 50: Turn Back the Clock, joins The Doctors to explain the importance of motivation and healthy eating for those 50 and older.

“I think we should put fitness and health at the top of our bucket list and allocate the time to do that well,” Harry says.

Implanting a Smile
Michelle is a stressed-out mother of boys with dental issues. “I am freaking out [about] how I am going to deal with this financially,” she says. Michael, 18, is missing two of his lower secondary teeth and had a failed root canal meant to fix a broken tooth. Michael’s brother, Matthew, 14, is also missing teeth and needs costly dental procedures.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman examines Michael and Matthew’s teeth and explains that they both need three lower dental implants. “We need to extract the three teeth. We need to do a bone graft then we need to do crowns for those teeth,” Dr. Dorfman explains.

Because Matthew is still maturing, the growth plates in his jaw haven’t fully formed. Dr. Dorfman explains that Matthew will have to wait a few years for the procedure, as an implant would not be safe or effective at his current age; however, Michael is deemed to be a prime candidate for the implant procedure.

Dr. Dorfman surprises Michelle by agreeing to do Michael's entire procedure for free!

Dr. Dorfman and cosmetic dentist Dr. Grant Loosvelt perform Michael’s dental implant procedure.

Watch as Dr. Dorfman explains how dental implants work then puts the finishing touches on Michael’s new teeth.