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Dogs for the Deaf

Oscar-winning actress and national spokesperson for closed captioning, Marlee Matlin, became deaf at 18 months old, but didn’t let her lack of hearing slow her down. She and her interpreter of 27 years, Jack Jason, join The Doctors to talk about life as a soccer mom to four kids, her number one show, Switched at Birth, and a non-profit organization called Dogs for the Deaf.

Painless Flu Shot?

NCIS: Los Angeles star Chris O’Donnell goes on the record about doing his own stunts and how he handles flu season with five kids at home!

Afraid of needles? Watch E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork get a "pain-free" flu shot.

 “I’m a soccer mom and you should see me carrying all the gear, all the foods, the picnic baskets, their cleats,” Marlee says. “I’m a soccer dork.”

 “And working on Switched at Birth, it’s just a beautiful, a wonderful show with a deaf character who’s part of the cast. It shows how deaf people integrate themselves into society and I’m very proud to be a part of it.”

While Marlee works with several non-profit organizations, one that’s currently growing and in need of support is Dogs for the Deaf.

“It’s a non-profit that trains rescue dogs to become guide dogs. They help individuals who are unable to hear things, so they assist them in that arena,” she says.

Trainers rescue dogs from shelters and train them for four to six months before pairing them with a hearing-impaired owner. To learn more and donate to Dogs for the Deaf, visit www.dogsforthedeaf.org.

Fifty and Fabulous

Superstar Paula Abdul recently turned the big 5-0, but doesn’t look a day over 30! Learn Paula’s secrets for keeping her youthful glow.

“I’m very blessed that dance has been a big part of my life,” Paula says. “The word ‘exercise’ and the word ‘diet,’ they’re not my favorite words. With dancing, it doesn’t feel like you’re exercising. There’s such a joy in your heart when you do it.”

But while decades of dancing and choreography have helped Paula maintain her fabulous figure, tedious movements and various injuries have taken a toll on her body.

“I put my body through tedious things and I dance through injuries,” Paula reveals. “You take your body for granted and all of a sudden it comes back to bite you and it affects your bones. I started losing bone density myself.”

Paula and OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson discuss osteoporosis and steps you can take to avoid it.

Paula strengthens her bones with her calcium-packed smoothie, Paula’s Potion for Motion. | Get the recipe!


Celebrity Health 411
The Doctors weigh in on Hollywood’s latest health trends, secrets and questions.

Matthew McConaughey recently dropped 30 pounds in a short amount of time for a movie role. Did he put his health in danger? The Doctors explain the health risks of method acting.
• See why actress Tatyana Ali is curious about cinnamon and diabetes.
• What does actress Angelina Jolie allegedly use to erase pregnancy stretch marks? Find out.
• Would you tattoo your loved one's name on your body? See how some celebrities have handled their body art blunders.

Get Red Carpet-Ready Hair
Actress and mom Denise Richards is known for her thick, shiny mane. Find out how she takes care of her lustrous locks and how you can improve your hair too!

Denise shares her deep-conditioning home remedy, as well as her latest hair solution, Denise Richards’ Volume Extend by Christophe.

Sonja tests Volume Extend on her dry, thinning hair. Did it give her the volume she’s looking for? Find out.


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