Your GROSSEST Body Problems Solved!

Get ready to squirm! If you think you’ve seen everything, think again! From parasites living in your eyes and foreign objects living in your body to a groundbreaking procedure for deformed toes and more, The Doctors bring the latest fixes for the grossest body issues.

Stomach-Turning Parasites
Single-celled microorganisms, tape worms, ticks and more can invade your body and use it as a host, but how do these unwelcome organisms get there? Find out. Plus, while most parasitic worms live in the human gastrointestinal tract, ophthalmologist Dr. Kerry Assil weighs in on a particular case where a worm was found inside a man’s eyeball! You’ll have to literally see it to believe it!

Dangers of Picking Scabs
Jacqie, 26, will often grow impatient waiting for a scab to fall off naturally, leading her to pick it before it’s fully healed. She asks The Doctors whether this habit could potentially be harmful.

“We call a scab ‘nature’s band aid;’ that’s why you want to leave it alone in most cases,” explains plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon. “That matrix [of platelets and fibrin] that forms not only acts as a glue, but it stimulates your body’s response to heal.”

See how to care for a wound so it will heal faster and prevent infection.

Managing Morning Sickness

OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains the causes of morning sickness and debunks the myth the oral sex can help improve the symptoms.

Treating and Preventing Ringworm
Despite its name, ringworm is not actually a worm, but rather a fungal infection characterized by a ring-like rash. The condition is highly contagious and can affect all parts of the body, including the face.

“Typically in the face, [ringworm] can be that round pattern but not necessarily. It may just look like a rash,” Dr. Ordon explains.

Learn precautionary measures to avoid a ringworm infection and how to treat the condition.

Bone-Stretching Fix for Deformed Feet
Cristal, 21, has been living with an embarrassing and unsightly foot condition since she was eight years old. The rare deformity usually affects the fourth toe, as in Cristal’s case, and develops when growth plates in the metatarsals prematurely stop growing. Known as brachymetatarsia, the condition can be attributed to trauma, infection or genetic predisposition.

The abnormality has affected Cristal’s balance and weight distribution, as well as her social life.

“I always wear socks. I can’t go to the beach, get a pedicure [or] the normal things that any woman really does,” Cristal says. “I’m actually dating someone at the moment and he’s never seen my feet, and I never want him to ever see them.”

Cristal visits podiatrist and founder of Foot & Ankle Alliance Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi for a groundbreaking bone-stretching surgery to fix her abnormal toes.

Cristal reveals the results of her foot surgery. Plus, Dr. Khosroabadi explains how a mini-rail fixator allows Cristal to gradually elongate the bones in her feet with a hand-cranked device.

See how a toe-shortening surgery is performed.

Insect Invasion
Tommy from Jacksonville, Florida writes:
Is it true that different types of insects can go in our mouth or ears while we’re sleeping?

“It can happen; however, it’s much more common [if] you’re out camping or you’re sleeping on the ground somewhere. Insects may migrate into an orifice because they’re seeking shelter [or] warmth just like we do,” explains E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork.

Dr. Ordon demonstrates the safest way to remove an insect from the ear canal.

Removing a 51-Pound Tumor
“This uncomfortable topic made headline news when a New Jersey woman had a 51-pound tumor removed from her abdomen,” Dr. Travis says.

Evelyn, 65, thought she was simply putting on weight because she was eating more, but when the added weight started interfering with her everyday activities to the point where she could barely get out of bed, she knew something more serious was happening to her body.

She went to the hospital where doctors discovered the enormous mass, which not only covered her entire abdomen, but was crushing her organs and a main vein leading to her heart. Evelyn underwent emergency surgery to have the tumor removed.

Evelyn joins the show via Polycom to reveal how she is recovering after the operation.

“I feel great,” Evelyn says. “I’ve been home now for almost seven weeks and, health wise, I feel like a 30-year-old person.”

Evelyn’s surgeon, Dr. David Dupree, joins the show to explain how the life-saving surgery required three doctors on his surgical team to lift the massive tumor while he excised it.

“[The source of the tumor was] likely the mesentery, the fat around the intestine,” Dr. Dupree says. “It’s a liposarcoma; it comes from fat cells. When [tumors] are that big, you can’t tell if it’s in the back of the abdomen or in the front of the abdomen because it’s crushing everything and swallowing everything,” he adds.

• Dr. Travis illustrates how a large tumor can cause life-threatening breathing and blood circulation problems.

Samantha Harris’ Gross Questions
TV personality and host of NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes Samantha Harris joins the show to ask The Doctors about the best way to handle embarrassing body issues.

Learn what causes callused and cracked feet, and see a home treatment to improve the condition.

Samantha asks how to address a child’s body odor without drawing too much attention and causing the child to become self-conscious of the issue.

Growing Basics deodorant and skin care line for kids.

Grill Brush Gross-Out
See how one man was hospitalized with stomach pain and discovered that a two-and-a-half-inch wire from a barbeque grill brush was the cause! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a warning statement about the dangers of ingesting these metal bristles, as rising reports of the same incident are being documented.

“I figure it must’ve been stuck on my grill and then I threw the steak on top of it, and it just got wedged in there,” Adam from Tacoma, Washington says.

“That’s the danger of this – these aren’t going to necessarily just flush through [the body],” Dr. Travis says. “So many other things that we inadvertently eat, you don’t even realize it, but you’re probably sometimes eating a little paper [and] it just goes right through. But a bristle – it’s going to get lodged somewhere, poke into the side of your intestines and then it’s stuck.”

Purple Skin Blotches
Phil recently turned 65 and has started noticing purple blotches popping up all over his skin. He asks The Doctors what could be causing these and if there is anything he can do to get rid of them.

Dr. Ordon explains that Phil is likely experiencing senile purpura, from the Latin root “purpura,” meaning “purple.”

“As we age, we bruise more easily. Our skin thins and our blood vessels become more fragile,” Dr. Ordon says. “Just be careful about not bumping yourself and wear something to protect [the skin].”