The Most Surprising Episode Ever!

From surprise makeovers and house calls, to surprise giveaways and more, The Doctors kicks off a brand new season with The Most Surprising Episode Ever!

Surprising New Way to Get Ripped

Pete Holman, physical therapist and creator of the TRX Rip Trainer, shows The Doctors how his metabolic workout program can boost metabolism, tighten the core and build rotational strength.

Surprise Audience Makeover
When ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asked, "It's a new year; are you ready for a new you?" the audience had no idea that they were about to receive head-to-toe makeovers, including hair, makeup, clothes and accessories.

With the help from The Doctors' team of stylists, led by Billy B., the global artistic director of L’Oreal Paris, Angus Mitchell, son of Paul Mitchell and co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems, and the latest fashions from Spiegel and Cohesive & Co., the audience was about to go from drab to fab.

“Not only are these the biggest makeovers ever, [but] they’re going to improve your health, as well,” Dr. Travis says. “Looking good actually helps you feel good. Feel-good endorphins actually boost your immune system.

"Research says [that] the more confident you are, the more likely you are to make healthy food choices, sit and stand up straight, and get this -- you're more likely to experience an orgasm," Dr. Travis adds.

• See more behind-the-scenes photos of the massive makeover.

Surprise Eye Surgery: From Grandma to Glam’ma
When 61-year-old Randy's eyelids started to droop, the sagging skin concurrently cut off her visual field and impaired her peripheral vision. She consulted ophthalmologist Dr. Ryan Stybel, who referred her to The Doctors' plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon to perform a cutting-edge eyelid surgery to improve her sight.

Prior to undergoing surgery, Dr. Ordon surprised Randy by revealing that she would also receive a complete, complimentary makeover, courtesy of The Doctors’ Glam Squad and Brooks Brothers fashion.

Watch celebrity stylist Lawrence Zarian take Randy to get a new haircut and wardrobe.

Ten days after her eyelid repair surgery, Randy reveals her brand new look. See her amazing transformation!

Surprise Thank You: The Doctors Saved My Son's Life!
In a previous episode of The Doctors, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explained the dangers of croup, a potentially life-threatening illness that produces a distinct cough, which sounds similar to a barking seal.

The Portable Pediatrician

Dr. Sears goes mobile to answer common questions that parents have about their children’s health.

After watching the episode, Allyson from Gardnerville, Nevada recognized the sound of croup in her 9-month-old son. She took him to the ER and he went into respiratory failure shortly after, requiring intubation and sedation before fully recovering.

Allyson writes: If we weren’t at the hospital already, we may have had a much more traumatic result. I just want to thank you for your show. You helped us save our child’s life.

Allyson and her son, Jake, surprise The Doctors by joining them on stage, to thank them in person.

Learn more about identifying croup.

Surprising Health Tips

Discover how certain "bad" things are unexpectedly good for your health.

See how the way you walk can reveal interesting clues about your well-being.

Fran Drescher’s Surprise Appearance
Actress and comedienne Fran Drescher surprises The Doctors with an impromptu question about whether certain scents can truly enhance sexual satisfaction. Plus, catch Fran’s sitcom, Happily Divorced , airing Wednesdays on TV Land.

Learn more about Fran's mission to expose whether ingredients found in many products are safe or carcinogenic by visiting or

Myth or Reality Surprises Game show host Mark L. Walberg puts audience members to the test with a pop quiz, and The Doctors explain the surprising answers.

Wedding Day Weight-Loss
Last season, Lulu appeared on The Doctors for advice on how to shed unwanted pounds in preparation for her upcoming wedding. Weight-loss coach and author of Think and Grow Thin, Charles D’Angelo, gave Lulu a take-charge, no-excuses plan to lose weight through diet and exercise.

Three months later and 35 pounds lighter, Lulu rejoins The Doctors to show her dramatic results. See what other wedding day surprise The Doctors have for the bride-to-be!