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Dr. Mike Moreno answers some of the most common questions about The 17 Day Diet. Check back frequently for more answers from Dr. Mike!

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Cycle 3 and Beyond

After Cycle 1 and 2, where you've cleansed and reactivated your metabolism, you're now able to tolerate more! You're in a new place. Once you've cleansed the body, have better metabolic efficiency and reset your metabolism through the metabolic confusion, you now have the ability to metabolize foods, absorb the vitamins and eliminate waste. You've got an efficient metabolism now, and you now have a healthy relationship with food again. You know when to stop. You know what not to do. There's a physiological component here; your body is now a well-oiled machine. You wouldn't have been able to have a couple slices of pizza without suffering for it before. But now, your body can take some shock here and there. It probably won't make you feel bad or make you gain weight, either. Don't do it all the time, of course. But if you do cheat now and then, your body can handle it.  

You've come so far in a relatively short amount of time. But this is not a short-term fad. This is a new life. You can do this forever. If you ever feel you're getting stuck, remember the book has guidance for you. You can go back to previous cycles if need be. Don't beat yourself up over a little weight gain. You've lost it before. You can do it.

Use your new-found energy and put it to work for you. Be ACTIVE. Think back how you used to feel from day to day before you started the diet. Just getting through the day wasn't always easy. Now, you have energy. And check yourself out in the mirror. You look different, too!

Motivation from Dr. Mike
Now that you've seen great weight loss in Cycle 1 of the diet, it's important to realize that you won't lose as much in Cycle 2 or Cycle 3 as you did in Cycle 1. Realistically, expect to lose no more than 50 percent of what you lost in the first Cycle during Cycle 2. Remember, success is measured in more than just numbers. By now, you are feeling better, you are doing things you could NEVER have done before, you are fitting in your clothing better and you are not craving carbs, sugar and fat. Those are victories! Don't get discouraged just because your scale isn't reading the same loss as before.

Still want numbers? Here are some numbers for you. Realize that your cholesterol is dropping, your blood sugars are normalizing and your blood pressure is improving. There are some real stats that prove you're getting healthier. Ask yourself how you FEEL compared to before. Ask yourself about all the physical activities you can do now that you couldn't just 17 short days ago! Your weight is only a fraction of the equation. You are literally changing the composition of your body from the inside out! Be proud of yourself, and keep on going.

Cycle 2 Advice

• You won't experience the same weight loss in Cycle 2 as in Cycle 1. On average, you'll lose no more than 50 percent of what you lost in the first cycle. This is NOT a crash diet!

Your fitness level MUST increase. Cardio-and lots of it! Weights are great, too, but you need to turn an anaerobic weight routine into an aerobic one. That means less weight, more reps and less time between sets.

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Drink that water, and continue to avoid caffeine (negative water.)

No carbs and no starch after 2 p.m. After 2 p.m. everyday, your only foods will be protein and vegetables.

Portion control-remember, you can eat some starches now, but they should only be 3 to 4 bites of your total meal. Not a giant baked potato that takes up an entire plate.

Celebrate your victories. If you lost 20 pounds in the first 17 days, and lose 10 more in the next 17, that's a whopping 30 pounds in 34 short days!! That's no small feat!

Learn Strategies for Coping with Snacking Cravings:
Make sure to drink water because it may just be boredom. If you must snack, stick with vegetables, edamame and protein. Think you hate veggies? Experiment. Try adding some seasonings, squeeze some lemon on them or add a little sea salt and enjoy!

How to Survive Parties and Holidays While on the 17 Day Diet

Dr. Mike: "In the book, there's a whole chapter on this, Chapter 11: Surviving Holidays. There are tons of great tips in there. But remember, you may not be 100 percent perfect with what you eat. Remember, if you mess up, don't overreact! It's just one day. You're not going to do enough damage in one day that you can't overcome it with extra cardio the very next day."


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