Four-Letter Words That Are Good For Your Health

Think all four-letter words are bad? Think again! The Doctors reveal the four-letter words that are good for your health.

Board-certified ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Drew Ordon explains why a damp nose is a healthy nose and why damp eyes are a vision of health.

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“Your nose is lined with mucus membranes, which are meant to be moist,” Dr. Ordon says. “But sometimes, they can be too moist or too dry.”

The nose is the entrance to the respiratory tract, and filters the air by warming and moistening it to clean out foreign debris. A dry nose fails to function correctly, allowing more germs to enter the body.

A number of factors can dry out the nostrils, including an upper-respiratory infection, nasal sprays or hormone changes. While a dry nose normally doesn’t signal a serious condition, it is recommended to consult your physician if you are experiencing chronic dryness in the area.

While the human eye is primarily protected by the eyelid, tears also exist to shield the cornea from bacteria and dust. Every time you blink, a small amount of tears is released to keep the eye moist.  When tears fail to release, it can cause dry eye, which result in itching, irritation and burning.

Medications such as antihistamines, decongestants, certain antidepressants and pain relievers can cause dry eye.

“Dry eye is so common, more people have dry eye than you realize,” Dr. Ordon says.

“If you feel any irritation in your eyes, itching, burning, be sure to get it checked out,” he adds.

Is your health up to par?  

Jessie writes:

My 70+-year-old mom is back on the dating scene. What should I tell her about sexually transmitted diseases? Does she need the HPV vaccine?

“Seniors still have to worry about STDs,” Dr. Lisa says. “Women over 50 aren’t [usually] worried about getting pregnant, but what they forget about is still protecting themselves from STDs.”

Currently, the human papilloma virus vaccine is recommended for women up to 26 years of age, however, studies are being conducted on 45 and 55-year-olds to determine if the age limit can be raised.

Furthermore, rates of syphilis and Chlamydia have seen a dramatic increase in men 55 years and older, so it is vital, at any age, to use proper protection during sexual activity.

Can you smell an STD?
The truth about sex.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears shows how to smoothe dry knees and elbows with a sand scrub.


• Medium-sized bowl.
• 3 tbsp clean, dry beach sand
• 3 tbsp sweet almond oil
• 1 vitamin E capsule
• 6 drops rosemary oil

1. Place the dry beach sand in bowl.
2. Stir the almond oil and vitamin E oil into the sand.
3. Mix in the rosemary oil and stir until thick.
5. Apply paste to knees and/or elbows and rub gently, in a circular motion.
6. Rinse with warm water.


The Doctors share more four-letter words to slim down your shape.

Drum-roll, please!
Pound off the pounds
with drumsticks.

Meat meets its match with The Doctors' Skinny Burger.
Plus, have your cake
and eat it too!

Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban firms flab.
• And, suck in your gut.



Pulp or no pulp? Get the scoop on your juice choices.

Is the burning sensation that occurs when rinsing with mouthwash harmful to your health?

Prenatal Care

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson and CVS/pharmacy share the dos and don’ts of proper prenatal care.

“That burning sensation is from all the alcohol in the mouthwash,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “You don’t want to exceed one minute of rinsing with an alcohol-based mouthwash, as it can actually destroy the good bacteria in your mouth.”

Studies have shown a connection between alcohol-based mouthwash and oral cancer, and it is thought that using it everyday could allow cancer-causing substances to permeate the lining of the mouth. However, this connection hasn’t been proven.

Dr. Travis recommends only rinsing for one minute, and no longer, if you’re using an alcohol-based mouthwash. Non-alcohol based mouthwashes may also be found at your local supermarket.

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OAD 1/30/12