5 Unbelievable Medical Makeovers!

The 20-Year Twitch

For more than two decades, pediatrician Dr. Victor Oya has coped with a relentless twitch that began in his eye and spread all the way down to his chin.

“Over the years I’ve tried different remedies: cold compresses to my shoulder, antihistamines, exercise my muscles to make it relax a little bit, stretches, Botox,” Dr. Oya says.

After trying a multitude of treatments Dr. Oya reached out to neurosurgeon Dr. Neil Martin for a solution. See the groundbreaking procedure that’s finally given Dr. Oya some relief.

You have to see it to believe it! Discover cutting-edge procedures that have changed people’s lives. Could these unbelievable makeovers help you or someone you love?

Jaw-Dropping Dental Makeover
Danielle says her teeth have been decaying ever since she was a little girl.

“I have at least seven teeth that need root canals,” she says. “I don’t feel good, I don’t feel pretty. My biggest fear is in the next 10 years I won’t have anymore teeth.”

“My biggest dream of my entire life is just to have a perfect smile,” she continues. “Nice, straight teeth, no pain; it would mean everything to me. I think it would change my entire life.”

Periodontist Dr. Sanda Moldovan explains that dental problems like Danielle’s can start in the womb and can also be caused by antibiotics or malnutrition.

“A study showed children ages 6 weeks to 3 months, if they were on a certain antibiotic,  it increased their risk of dental enamel problems later in life,” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears adds.

“I always encourage my patients, if you’re coming into the doctor, don’t ask for antibiotics; almost ask for the opposite,” he says. “If the doctor feels the freedom to not give you [antibiotics], you’ll get better care.


Check out Danielle's smile before and after her procedure.




Back Surgery Gone Bad
Mitch says that after undergoing back surgery nearly one year ago, he lost complete control of his right arm. Then, following a second procedure, he woke up to find his vocal cords paralyzed.

“I knew something was terribly wrong because I was getting worse,” Mitch says. “When I awoke from the surgery I didn’t have a voice.”

After months of learning how to cope with his new disabilities, Mitch found neurosurgeon Dr. Justin Brown, who pioneered a new technique to help paralyzed people restore movement by attaching damaged nerves to healthy, functioning new ones.

“Mitch has a pretty complex issue — a nerve injury to the muscles and voice box.” Dr. Brown says.

Overnight Makeover
Give yourself a full body makeover tonight by getting quality sleep! Sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explain why getting some shut-eye can reboot your well-being.

• For more tips to get a good night's sleep, visit advilpm.com.

Do you have bad sleep hygiene?
Sleep deprivation explained.

Robotic Hair Transplant
Hair restoration surgeon Dr. James Harris joins The Doctors to reveal a new technology that reverses a condition that affects millions of people worldwide: Hair loss.

“The ARTAS System is a robot we use for hair transplantation. What it allows us to do is use advanced imaging and mapping systems to extract hair follicles,” Dr. Harris says. “We tell the robot to use its systems to start mapping out individual hair follicles, so it’s automatically moving and it’s assessing the angles and directions of all the follicles in the region.”

The minimally-invasive procedure is said to make 1,000 graphs an hour and yields a rapid healing process as compared to other hair restoration procedures. Results take six to nine months and are permanent.

While the ARTAS System is currently cleared for men, it is not yet available to women.

Man Butt Makeover
Ladies: Is your man’s booty in need of a boost? Dr. Ordon tests butt-enhancing underwear for men.

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OAD 9/26/12