How to Avoid Awkward Health Situations

The Doctors show you how to work your way out of awkward health situations.

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Restaurant Horrors
When dining out, have you ever wondered what your server does when you’re not watching? An anonymous food service employee divulges dirty secrets of the restaurant industry.

 “They’ll lick their fingers and keep cooking like it’s nothing.”

Mid-Air Mishaps
If you’re on a plane and the person next to you is coughing and sneezing, what would you do? Stick it out? Or ask to switch seats?

Studies show that you may be up to 100 times more likely to catch a cold in-flight than on the ground. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears plays pilot for a day to share tips for shielding yourself from germs on an airplane.

Plus, actor Jeremy Renner reportedly took what he thought was a sleeping pill to relax through a flight. But, little did he know that the little blue pill would actually keep him “up” for hours. The Doctors weigh in on the in-flight pill mix up.

Bathroom Blunders
The bathroom is not only a breeding ground for germs, but for endless awkward moments! Learn what you should do when faced with one of these situations.

When your hands are wet from washing up after using the restroom, would you shake someone’s hand?

Pregnancy tests in pubs? Learn about one bar that’s installed a dispenser in their ladies room.

Public restroom out of toilet paper? OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson gives safety tips for makeshift wiping.

Diaper Disasters
Maggie, 31, says whenever she takes her 3-month-old daughter, Natalie, out to run errands, she decides to go number 2 in her diaper. Maggie asks Dr. Sears if it’s best to change Natalie's diaper right then and there or wait until she gets home.

“You should change them [immediately],” Dr. Sears says. “You never want to let a baby sit in a dirty diaper like that.”

Be prepared at all times with diaper bag must-haves.

Baby powder prank dangers.

More Awkward Health Situations


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