How to Stop Feeling Sick, Fat & Tired

“Every 17 seconds, an American is diagnosed with diabetes,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “And in the few seconds it took me to tell you that, someone in this country has had a heart attack or coronary event,” he adds. “Then there’s this: Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a stroke.

“These aren’t just numbers to me,” Dr. Travis explains. “These are patients I see all the time in the E.R. [and] the pain I see in their family members. I don’t want this to be you.”

If you’re tired of feeling tired, sick of being sick and fed up of feeling fat, The Doctors shows you how to improve your health and change your life. “It’s never too late to start feeling great,” Dr. Travis says.

Fight Fatigue
“Sleep is absolutely critical to your health,” Dr. Travis says. “[A] sleep deprived brain is actually more active than a healthy brain, but it’s not more active in a good way.”

Dr. Travis’ 10-Minute Fat Blast Workout
Feel like you never have time to exercise? No more excuses! Squeeze this 10-minute workout into your busy schedule for optimal results.

“You don’t need a gym and you really don’t need that much time,” Dr. Travis explains. “The key to a great, short workout is intensity. If you want maximum gains and benefits in minimum time, you only need 10 minutes, if you push yourself.”

Burn more calories in less time
The 17-Minute Workout
Insanity Workout
Outdoor Workout
Video Game Workout

New Strain of Swine Flu

A new strain of swine flu is sweeping through the Midwest! From July to October of 2012, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 306 confirmed cases across ten states. Of those infected, there have been 16 hospitalizations and one death.

Joseph Bresee, M.D. of the CDC explains the difference between the H1N1 virus and the newest strain of swine flu, the H3N2 variant virus.

Learn more from the CDC on the latest outbreak of swine flu.

Eating Healthy on a Budget
Dr. Travis debunks the common excuse that it’s too expensive to eat healthy and proves just the opposite! See how to cut costs and calories to boost your health and your bank account.

• Learn more about The Green PolkaDot Box, a website where you can find organic and natural foods on sale anytime throughout the day.

The Harsh Reality of Being a Junk Food Junkie
Are you someone with a naturally slim figure? If you think you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, learn why you may want to think again!

Mahsa is self-proclaimed junk food junkie who says, at a size two, she can afford to eat what she wants. “Why should I change my diet if I’m comfortable when I look at myself in the mirror?” she asks.

"Here's the reality: It doesn't always matter what you look like [on the outside],” Dr. Travis explains. “When we talk about your health, you’ve got to look inside. There are a lot of things that go on inside the human body that you’re never going to see on the outside when you’re eating a lot of bad food.”

See how an unhealthy diet can wreak havoc on internal organs and increase susceptibility to osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women who drink three or more sodas per week have roughly five percent lower bone mineral density in their hips because the chemical additives in soft drinks actually leach calcium from bones.

In addition, another recent study by the Mayo Clinic revealed that 20 to 30 percent of Americans with normal weight and a thin build have dangerously high levels of body fat, and may actually be at an increased risk for disease due to lack of muscle mass. Healthy muscles will help absorb excess glucose and insulin, whereas someone with little to no muscle tone is more susceptible to dangerous fat buildup, a drop in metabolism, muscular atrophy and diabetes.

“I don’t care if you’re the perfect, svelte figure or not,” Dr. Travis adds. “You’ve got to stop now so that ten, twenty, thirty years from now, you don’t end up in the E.R.”

Adventure Therapy
When sickness strikes, exercising is often the last thing you feel like doing, and sometimes the best treatment may be medicine and bed rest; however, in certain cases, exercise can be the best thing to help your body recuperate and to prevent illness in general.

“Exercise actually boosts your immune system [and] increases your white blood cells’ ability to fight off infection,” Dr. Travis says. “A study in The American Journal of Medicine found [that] women who walked thirty minutes daily had half the number of colds as women who never exercise.

“But of course, there are illnesses that people battle that are unimaginable, like cancer,” Dr. Travis says. “You may feel like you’ve lost all hope [and] all strength, but that’s exactly what a program called First Descents is trying to change.”

Founder/CEO of First Descents, Brad Ludden, explains how kayak adventure therapy is helping people suffering from cancer to stay optimistic and motivated.

“We’re using kayaking as a vehicle to create a community,” Brad explains. “There are so many metaphors to be drawn between a diagnosis as a young adult with cancer and facing these rapids on these rivers in a kayak – no matter how bad it is in that rapid, they’ll get through it and there will be calm water at the end.”

Watch as Dr. Travis merges medicine with whitewater adventure as he connects with incredible young adults, including Yamini, who is battling Stage 2 breast cancer.

Yamini recounts her empowering experience in the First Descents program. “[Don’t] let a cancer diagnosis at a young age make you limit yourself,” she says.

“What this whole experience made me realize is that I don’t have to stop living my life and challenging myself because I’m the same person inside,” Yamini adds.

Watch as Dr. Travis gets a surprise visit from Amanda, another cancer survivor that he met during the First Descents whitewater adventure.

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