The Health Secrets of World Record Holders!

“The human body can be amazing, awe-inspiring, even shocking,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “World record holders take that to a new level.”

America’s Strongest Woman
Women’s weightlifting is on the rise, growing an estimated 14 percent from 2011. World record holder and four-time winner of America’s Strongest Woman, Kristin Rhodes, joins The Doctors to discuss how she became interested in the sport and the technique behind her power.

Watch Kristin school pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears in a dead lift competition!

Secrets of "The Human Toolbox"
Brad Byers, aka “The Human Toolbox,” has set several world records for sword swallowing. His current record is ten 27” swords, placed one by one into his esophagus, then twisted 180 degrees!

Watch as Brad shows off his remarkable skills, and discover the secret behind his amazing abilities.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon performs an endoscopy on Brad to look for tears or trauma in his nasal and esophageal passages.

World Beauty Record Holder?
The Doctors reveal their pick for the world’s most beautiful woman. “We put a lot of thought into this,” Dr. Travis gests. “She has Angelina Jolie’s cheeks, Julia Roberts’ eyes, Reese Witherspoon’s nose, Megan Fox’s lips, Beyonce’s neck, Halle Berry’s jaw line, J Lo’s eyebrows, Jennifer Aniston’s hair and Scarlett Johansson’s forehead." See the results!

“There’s a reason why there’s no such thing as a most beautiful person in the world,” he adds.

What’s Your Tongue Telling You?
Meet Chanel Tapper, the current world record holder for the longest female tongue. It measures 3.8 inches and is roughly the size of an iPhone!

“I have a problem – my tongue is always white,” Chanel says. “I brush my teeth, I gargle [and use] mouthwash, but it still remains the same color.”

The Doctors explain the causes of a white tongue and when you need to worry.

Healthy Hair Tip
See the world record holders for the largest afro and the longest facial hair. Plus, learn a surprising tip to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

The World’s Biggest Zit?
Have you ever had a zit so prominent that it seems to take over your entire face? “To prevent scarring, you really need to incise it and drain it; otherwise, it can leave a crater and a scar,” Dr. Ordon explains. Learn the safe and professional way to pop a pimple.

The Science of Speed Eating
Competitive eating champion Stephanie “Stephie” Torres weighs in at just over 100 pounds, yet she can eat more food in one sitting than 10 men combined.

Watch Stephanie in action at the Gringo Bandito/Chronic Taco Eating Challenge.

Dr. Travis explains how Stephanie’s stomach and esophagus differ from those of the average person.

Stephanie asks The Doctors about the possible health repercussions of frequent overeating. Plus, watch Stephanie take on Dr. Sears in a watermelon eating contest!

Perfecting the Art of “The Big O”
Sheri Winston, Founder and Executive Director of The Center for the Intimate Arts, claims to have experienced an astounding number of orgasms in her lifetime. In addition to writing the award-winning book Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure, Sheri is a certified nurse-midwife and gynecology nurse-practitioner, and also teaches an array of classes that cover sex and relationship skills and women’s reproductive health.

OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains what happens inside the female body when it experiences an authentic orgasm.

“The three things we can focus on are breathing, sound and movement, particularly the pelvic floor,” Sheri says.

“It’s about finding what works for you,” Sheri adds. “So, the next time you’re in your little journey of arousal, by yourself or with your partner, use your mind. Notice what you’re doing, notice how you’re breathing, notice how you’re sounding, and then the next time you do it, just enhance it a little. And then one day, things will happen.”

The Doctors and USA Weekend

The Doctors have an exciting partnership with USA Weekend magazine as the exclusive medical contributors to its weekly HealthSmart column!

Breakfast Benefits of Milk
“Starting a routine like eating a healthy breakfast each and every day instills smart habits in your kids,” Dr. Travis says. “A nutritious breakfast is so key in helping your entire family reach their full potential, because studies show [that] eating breakfast can help improve your mental alertness, attention span [and] even your memory.”

“Another benefit to having a breakfast routine is that studies show that regular breakfast eaters tend to have more nutritious diets overall than those who skip breakfast, and that breakfast should include a good source of protein like milk,” Dr. Sears adds.

Dr. Sears shows nutritious and delicious breakfast recipes that use the health benefits of low-fat milk to start your day off right.