Your Most Embarrassing Questions Answered!

From stinky earwax to funky feet and much more, The Doctors share solutions for the embarrassing body issues you’d rather keep under wraps.

Embarrassing Ear Infection
After overcoming a case of swimmer’s ear, Romina began experiencing sensitivity, itchiness and pain in her right ear accompanied by foul-smelling, watery wax. She asks The Doctors whether this is related to swimmer’s ear or if it’s something more serious.

Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon examines Romina’s ear canal and explains that she is suffering from otitis externa, or an external ear infection. See what causes the condition and how it is treated.

For people prone to swimmer’s ear, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears recommends applying a couple drops of a solution made of half vinegar and half rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will help dry out excess water while the vinegar can help restore the natural pH inside the ear canal.

Embarrassing Plastic Surgery

Cindy underwent plastic surgery on her arms to tighten loose, sagging skin. The brachioplasty procedure left her with scar tissue on her left arm from stitches being sewn too tight.

Dr. Ordon examines Cindy’s arm and offers consultation on how to improve her results.

Embarrassing Dryness “Down There”
One out of three women experiences vaginal dryness as they approach and go through menopause. The condition is not only embarrassing but can have a negative impact on sex life.

Diana has been suffering with itchiness and dryness “down there,” which has caused inflammation to the area. She consulted a doctor who ruled out STDs and yeast infection as the source. Diana was prescribed an anti-itch cream but it only served as a temporary fix to her problem.

Dr. Lisa examines Diana and reveals how post-menopausal body changes are the cause of her dryness and irritation. See how to treat the aggravating condition with topical estrogen cream and/or hormone replacement therapy.

Embarrassing Big Toes
Krystal has a skeletal abnormality in her feet where her metatarsals grew longer than others and caused her big toes to noticeably protrude.

“The bone behind my big toe is longer than it should be and it causes my big toe to be about an inch too long,” she says. “I have issues when I’m walking. I also trip over my big toe a lot.”

Krystal visits podiatrist and foot surgeon Dr. Ali Sadrieh for a surgical solution to her embarrassing condition.

Watch as Krystal undergoes a toe-shortening osteotomy to line up her metatarsals and fix the symmetry of her feet.

See the dramatic difference in Krystal’s feet after her toe-shortening surgery. Plus, Dr. Sadrieh explains how the surgery was performed.

“It’s really important when you consider foot surgery to do one foot at a time, because that allows you to walk normally with one foot and recover in the other foot,” Dr. Sadrieh adds.

Embarrassing Facial Redness
Blushing is a telltale sign of embarrassment, but what if you were constantly combating redness in your face? Jessica says she’s been dealing with sensitivity and redness in her face for years, prompting her to use various topical creams and a green-tinted moisturizer to help conceal the color.

“Everything makes my cheeks red, from exercising to eating spicy food to drinking a glass of wine,” Jessica says. “I’ve gone to several dermatologists, estheticians, [and] spent money on personal microdermabrasion machines. [I’ve] been prescribed medications [and] spent thousands of dollars on makeup, which has, in turn, given me some lovely acne!” Jessica adds.

This condition, known as rosacea, affects 15 million people worldwide and is characterized by itchiness, sensitivity and rosy pigmentation on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead.

Rosacea affects both men and women and can be triggered by alcohol and caffeine consumption, sun damage, acne, hormones, age and hereditary factors. There are also different phases of rosacea that range in severity. Pre-rosacea can begin with being overly-prone to facial flushes and can progress into vascular and inflammatory stages. Treatments for rosacea include topical creams, oral antibiotics, laser therapy and electro surgery for certain cases.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian demonstrates how pulsed dye laser therapy can improve the appearance of rosacea on a vascular level by literally zapping away engorged blood vessels.

Embarrassing Encounters Between the Sheets
“What can I say? Some embarrassing things do happen under the covers,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

Sex expert, co-author of Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight and star of Bravo’s Miss Advised Emily Morse joins the show to give tips on preventing awkward experiences in the bedroom.

Watch a clip from Emily’s podcast and radio show Sex with Emily, where fellow sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko demonstrates how he exhibits an uncontrollable form of twitching during a kissing workshop.

Reid explains what triggers him to have excited, tantric twitches associated with intimate contact. Plus, behavioral neuroscientist Dr. Barry Komisaruk weighs in on what may cause the phenomenon.

“Through our social upbringing, we learn to inhibit our reflex urge to urinate, for example, or to inhibit our knee-jerk reflex if an expensive vase is in front of our foot. We learn that we can let go of those inhibitions if and when we want to,” Dr. Komisaruk explains. “I think that Reid has practiced this ability to let go of reflexes and it results in spastic muscle twitches when he kisses.”

Safety with Sex Toys

Emily and Dr. Lisa explain how pleasure balls work and whether they are safe.

Embarrassing Aftermath of Sex
An anonymous female viewer recently discovered that her boyfriend likes anal stimulation during sex; however, several days later, he developed a hemorrhoid. “How do we avoid this uncomfortable situation if we decide to experiment again,” she asks.

Dr. Lisa weighs in on the potential hazards of anal stimulation. Plus, see how to treat hemorrhoids and prevent them from developing.

Get the recipe to the Hemorrhoid-Healing Smoothie!

Embarrassing Sweaty Stench
“Why is it that I do the same strenuous activities as my female friends but I sweat and smell twice as bad?” asks audience member Tre.

“There’s a lot of physiology that plays into it,” Dr. Lisa explains.

Learn why men are anatomically prone to sweat and smell more than their female counterparts.

Embarrassing Water Warts
Robert in Wichita, Kansas writes:
My son developed little white bumps all over his chest after having strep throat. The doctor diagnosed him with water warts, which I read online is an STD? How did he get them and how can I prevent them from spreading to my other kids?

Dr. Sears explains how water warts are actually a common and contagious skin condition known as molluscum contagiosum.

“First off, this is harmless. It’s caused by a harmless virus – no big deal at all,” Dr. Sears says. “But, you go online and read that it could be an STD and that can really be scary.”

Dr. Lisa explains how in the adult world, molluscum contagiosum is actually considered a STD. In kids, however, the condition is totally different, though it is still spread by direct contact.

“The best treatment for these is no treatment at all because they will go away eventually,” Dr. Sears adds. “If you mess with them, they have the chance of scarring.”

Although water warts will eventually resolve on their own, they can be frozen off with liquid nitrogen cryotherapy. To help prevent the skin condition from spreading, doctors recommend keeping the affected area covered with clothing; in addition, if a child goes swimming, gauze or waterproof bandages should be applied to prevent exposure to other children.