How to Lose an Unhealthy Guy in 10 Days

Ladies: Are you or your man in need of a total health overhaul? Go from lazy and soft to active and hot with The Doctors’ short-term plan for a lifetime of results.

Harmful Health Habits
Think relaxing on the couch, drinking a soda or falling asleep with the TV on are harmless, everyday habits? Think again. The Doctors show you how your daily regime may be hurting your health. Plus, simple solutions to get your well-being back on track!

Harmful Habit: “Sitting around too much will kill you,” plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon warns. See why staying sedentary for 11 hours a day or more can increase your chance of early death by 40 percent.

Simple Solution: Short, high intensity workouts with CrossFit! “This isn’t just about working out,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “This is about living a longer and healthier life.”

Harmful Habit: Too much sugar! Learn why you may have a sugar addiction and the shocking toll it can take on your health. “Tumor cells love sugar,” Dr. Travis says.

Simple Solution: Drink more water! H20 can help you eat 20 percent fewer calories a day. There are lots of ways to make [water] taste better," OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says.

Harmful Habit: Bad sleep hygiene! Find out the harmful effects of sleep deprivation. “When you’re sleep-deprived, you’re basically lumpy, dumpy, sick or even dead,” Dr. Travis says.

Simple Solution: Discover five easy ways to get better sleep tonight. | What's more important: Sleep or exercise? | More sleep tips to try tonight.


Adjust Your Eating

Monique says she’s concerned about her husband, Wendell’s, eating habits.

“I don’t think I’ve seen him eat a fruit or a vegetable in the past couple of months,” she says. “He just doesn’t eat them, but when he does, he makes them [unhealthy.]”

“I’m a meat and potatoes guy,” Dr. Travis says. “I want every meal to be the heartiest, most decadent foods. It’s just how I grew up, but you have to make adjustments.”

Dr. Lisa recommends starting every morning with a powerhouse smoothie, a mega combo of vegetables, fruit and protein that’s packed with essential nutrients.

“We’re not asking you to eat twigs and berries all day long,” Dr. Travis adds. “Having a shake like this every morning will fill you up with fiber, nutrients and goodness, and by doing that you’re not going to crave those bad things. It’s not about today, it’s not about tomorrow; it’s about 10 years from now.”

Smoking Solutions
Toni says she nags her husband, Russell, because he drinks up to eight cups of coffee per day, eats too much ice cream, lays around watching movies and smokes, despite suffering two heart attacks.

“When it comes to smoking cessation, it takes a team approach,” Dr. Travis says.

The Doctors, Tony and Russell make a deal: If Russell stops smoking, Toni will stop nagging and The Doctors will do their part to check up on Russell’s progress.

The “Forever Young” Formula
The Doctors’ Fountain of Youth is filled to the brim with tips, tricks and great information to help you feel younger and healthier.

Today’s tip: Keep your mind sharp no matter your age by playing brain games.

Playing memory games like Memory Matrix on can help keep your mind moving. 

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OAD 9/10/12