Are the Side Effects Really Worth the Treatment?

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Ketamine: A Quick Fix for Depression?

Ketamine, a tranquilizer used on large animals, is a class-C drug, which is illegal to possess or sell, and is used on the street for its dissociative effects, such as loss of psychical feeling, muscle paralysis and hallucinations. The drug can be extremely dangerous when put in the wrong hands, however, researchers have discovered that, under medical supervision, ketamine may provide quick relief for severe depression.

“I want to compare [ketamine] to a medicine you’re all familiar with: propofol.” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “It’s the medicine that reportedly killed Michael Jackson. It’s a dissociative medicine that’s given to a patient through an IV during a painful procedure, leaving them with no memory of what happened.”

While traditional anti-depressants take one to two months to show significant effects, ketamine has been shown to improve severe depression minutes after it’s taken.

Clinical professor of psychiatry Dr. Kenneth Robbins joins The Doctors to shed more light on the discovery.

“What’s amazing about ketamine is it seems to work some time between 40 minutes and two hours, as opposed to the month or two for anti-depressants,” Dr. Robbins says. “The risk of side effects is not small, however, with the studies that have been done, 30 percent of people who have depression will not get better with the [traditional] treatments available.”

Dr. Robbins also stresses that ketamine should only be used in severe situations and ultimately, shouldn’t be used to cure depression, but as a temporary treatment for people who are suicidal.

“Ketamine has also shown to have an effect in improving the growth of brain cells, which also looks very interesting,” Dr. Robbins adds.

Ketamine as a treatment for depression is still in the testing stages in a controlled environment. This drug can be very dangerous and is illegal when used without medical supervision, so do not, under any circumstances, try ketamine at home.

Side Effects of Ketamine
• Impaired judgment
• Hallucinations
• High blood pressure
• Fatal respiratory problems

• The Doctors discuss the dangers of abusing ketamine.
• Current TV exposes the dangerous trend of using ketamine to get high.

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“Forty-three percent of women admit to sending a sext,” Dr. Wendy reveals.

“A reason it’s so addictive is because our smart phones function at a random interval reward system, like a Las Vegas slot machine,” Dr. Wendy says. “There’s something exciting about an email just from your boss to tell you that you got a raise, or a message from a prospective mate. Because those messages come in randomly, it makes it addictive, just like a slot machine.”

“Because texting and emails are not [always] visual, you feel that freedom of anonymity,” Dr. Lisa adds. “People say things in texts and emails that they wouldn’t say to the other person’s face.”

It’s been found that sexting and similar behaviors can impact the way the brain functions, similar to the effects of drugs and alcohol, and can be addictive to some. Sexual images sent via text or email also trigger chemical reactions in the brain, which compel us to engage in particular behaviors. Dr. Lisa explains how looking at a sexy image stimulates the brain.

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