The Procrastinator’s Guide for Weight Loss and More!

Do you twist your hair obsessively? Are you addicted to chewing gum? What about eating fattening and sugar-filled foods? The Doctors show you the best ways to kick your bad habits to the curb!

Body Lift Nightmare
Mob Wives star Renee Graziano describes the plastic surgery disaster that caused her to lose more than 6 pints of blood and spend months in chronic pain. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo repairs the damage done to Renee’s body.

An Anti-Prejudice Pill?
Side effects include: headache, high blood pressure and … tolerance? Oxford University researches say the heart medication propranolol, a beta blocker also used to treat anxiety and panic, may lower “implicit” racial attitudes.

“Beta blockers slow your heart rate, can lower blood pressure and decrease the fight-or-flight response,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “The theory is maybe if people were a little less stressed they’d be less inclined to be prejudiced at an unconscious level.”

The Pink Lady

Can you be addicted to a color? Kitten Kay Sera, known as the Pink Lady, along with her pink dog, Kisses, joins The Doctors to share her obsession with pink. Plus, the health benefits of pink foods.

To gauge the ethical impact of the drug, two groups of 18 white participants were given either a propranolol or placebo pill. Participants who took propranolol appeared to be less racially prejudiced at a subconscious level than those treated with the placebo.

However, given the small group of participants, findings are not final.

“This should not be construed as a cure for racial hate crimes,” Dr. Travis adds.

At-Home Miracle Peel
Kristi admits to being less than diligent when it comes to protecting her skin, and is beginning to see the affects of her carelessness.

“In my younger days, I wasn’t vigilant about putting sun block on,” Kristi says. “I’d like to take charge of my own skincare, but as I get older, I don’t want to go to the extreme of getting a facelift. I want something I can use at home that’s easy.”

Kristi tries the at-home miracle peel for two weeks to see if it makes a difference in her complexion. See Kristi’s results!

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Think Thin
In just one year, weight-loss coach Charles D’Angelo lost 160 pounds of fat. How did he do it? By reprogramming his attitude toward food. Learn how Charles took control of his health, and how you can too!

• Could you have the “gluttony gene?” Discover the medical reason behind binge eating.

Trichotillomania Explained
Do you obsessively twist, pluck or pull your hair? You may have a condition called trichotillomania.

“It usually hits in adolescence, which can be associated with anxiety,” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says. “It could be a serious psychiatric disorder, and that’s when you need help from a psychiatrist.”

If you think you or someone you know suffers from trichotillomania, be sure to consult your physician.

When Do Kids Pick Up on Curse Words?
Harvard University researchers found that by age 2, children have developed memories strong enough to repeat tasks shown to them months earlier. Does this mean they're able to pick up on curse words at such a young age?

“Most parents think their kids won’t remember,” Dr. Sears says. “But kids retain stuff much earlier than you think, so you’ve got to watch out.”

Addicted to Nicotine Gum?
Catherine says she’s been addicted to chewing nicotine gum for the last five years, and chews approximately 100 pieces a week. After trying to quit four times without success, Catherine asks The Doctors for help.