17 Day Diet

Imagine that you could burn off pounds, shrink your waistline and feel like a whole new person in just 17 days! Now you can, with the 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno.

"Anybody can do this!" Dr. Moreno says, explaining the significance of 17 days. "That's like the cut off. People are more inclined to stay on it."

The diet consists of four Cycles that promote fast, healthy weight loss: Accelerate, Activate, Achieve and Arrive.

Accelerate (17 days): This works as a cleansing diet, removing unnecessary sugars in the food we eat. The cleansing accelerates weight loss by burning, and not storing, fat. Weight loss can be as great as 15 pounds during this Cycle. Foods for the Accelerate Cycle include Greek yogurt, green tea, eggs, fish, chicken and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Activate (17 days): This next Cycle retrains the metabolism by changing your caloric consumption and stimulating fat burning, which triggers sustained weight loss. Foods added during this Cycle include shellfish, lean meats, natural starches, legumes and starchy vegetables.

Achieve (17 days): During this Cycle, good, healthy eating habits are developed through a re-introduction of additional foods that continue weight loss. Every food group is represented, with an emphasis on non-starchy vegetables and lean proteins. One alcoholic drink is allowed daily, and the amount of exercise is increased. Foods added during this Cycle include poultry, such as turkey bacon, and high-fiber cereals and pasta.

Arrive (Ongoing): The final Cycle allows you to stay at a goal weight throughout the program and allows you to enjoy your favorite foods on weekends, while eating healthily during the week. From breakfast on Monday until lunch on Friday, meals should be from one of the previous Cycles, while during the weekend, you can enjoy your favorite foods and meals in moderation.