Should You Make the Switch?

When it comes to your health, is it time for a change? The Doctors take on your trickiest health dilemmas.

Henry Winkler Joins The Doctors

Actor Henry Winkler, known for his roles on Children’s Hospital and as Fonzie on Happy Days, joins The Doctors to talk about the medical issues he’s passionate about.

Henry and The Doctors explain how Botox can help those who have suffered a stroke .

Henry shares his story about battling dyslexia, and The Doctors explain the advances being made to treat the learning disorder .

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Henry struggles with dyslexia, and potential treatment options are colored glasses or gels. The use of colored gels and glasses has been in use in the U.S. for over 30 years. In addition to parents who swear by them, there is lots of research, over 60 studies, supporting their effectiveness. There are many other treatment options for dyslexia, including education, therapy and treating it as early as possible.

Correcting Plastic Surgery
Three years ago, Dawn, now 38, underwent liposuction to help her achieve the body shape she desired. “It wasn’t for any weight loss,” she says. “It was wanting to have more of a feminine waistline, have a flatter stomach.”

While she was unsatisfied with the results , Dawn’s physician said there was nothing more that he could do to improve it. “I lived with the dissatisfaction every day, trying to hide it with slimming garments,” she says.

After hearing about new liposuction technology, Dawn sought out a new plastic surgeon, and visited Dr. Cat Begovic. Dr. Begovic performs water-assisted liposuction , a new procedure that removes fat evenly and can help Dawn achieve the hourglass figure she seeks.

Dawn and Dr. Begovic join The Doctors to reveal Dawn’s results and explain how the procedure is performed . “I’m very pleased,” Dawn says.


Should you really trust your gut? World-renowned psychic Char Margolis joins The Doctors to shed light on the relationship between a person’s brain and intuition .

“Do your homework before going into any elective plastic surgery,” plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon says. “Understand that revisions are sometimes necessary.”

Switching Medications
Is it ever OK to switch or increase the dosages of your pain medication without a doctor’s instructions?

“In general, it’s rarely the right answer to just continually increase [dosages] of pain medication, particularly with narcotics, because becoming dependant on those can truly ruin your life. I’ve seen it happen so many times,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

Rather than increasing dosages, Dr. Travis recommends trying adjunctive therapy such as massage, physical therapy and acupuncture, to assist with the medication prescribed by your doctor. “Adding all these things together can do a great job of helping to control your pain,” Dr. Travis says. “Work with your doctor to get there, and know there’s more than just medicine to treat pain.”

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Overcoming Arthritis
An estimated 50 million adults in the United States suffer from some form of arthritis . Fashion and style consultant Christine Schwab, who secretly lived 20 years with the painful disease , joins The Doctors to explain how she regained her life by changing her treatments and never giving up .

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