What to Do When It Won’t Go Away!

Persistent pains, incessant itching, endless ear-ringing — fix your most relentless ailments today!

From dandruff to bug bites, dermatologist Dr. Glynis Ablon explains how to squash your skin issues.

Find out common causes of excessive itching, and how to relieve it.

Correcting Bloodshot Eyes

Mind Over Matter

Corinna Borden, author of I Dreamt of Sausage and a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor, explains how putting mind over matter and thinking positive thoughts helped her heal.

James, 34, has suffered from chronic bloodshot eyes for more than five years, and is looking for a fix. “It’s very difficult for me to go about my daily life with these intense bloodshot eyes,” James says. “Visibly, you see the bloodshot eyes, but I’m also experiencing a lot of pain. At times, I feel that people think I may be on drugs, and that’s absolutely not the case.”

James visits eye surgeon Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, who performs a procedure to remove the membrane that covers the surface of the eye, which has been damaged by the sun, so the membrane can regenerate itself in a healthy manner. The procedure takes about 15 minutes per eye.

Dr. Boxer-Wachler and James join The Doctors to show James’ amazing results and explain how the procedure is performed.

To protect your and your family’s eyes, make sure everyone, including young children and toddler, wears a hat and sunglasses with UV-protection when outside. Avoid using redness-eliminating eye drops constantly, as they are meant to constrict blood vessels and can actually make redness worse.

Tinnitus, or a constant ringing in the ears, can be debilitating over time. Find out potential causes of the condition and see a breakthrough device that can help relieve the ringing.

Why Lie?
A new study found that one in 10 people lie to his or her doctor about smoking. The Doctors explain why honesty with your doctor is always the best policy.

Bathroom Germs

Grossed out about what may be lurking in the bathroom? Dr. Sears reveals the secrets to getting in and out of the restroom germ-free.

Radical Tumor Removal
Clerisa, a 27-year-old mother of three, started experiencing sudden pain on her side, causing her to have difficulty breathing. After undergoing an ultrasound, CT scan and MRI, doctors found Clerisa had a large tumor wrapped around her liver. Transplant surgeon at the University of California, San Diego Dr. Alan Hemming performed Ex-Vivo liver resection surgery, an extensive procedure that involves removing the liver from the body.

While she is still recovering, Clerisa joins The Doctors by phone from her hospital bed in San Diego to share an update, and Dr. Hemming explains how the risky procedure is performed.

“One of the ways we can do [the surgery] without doing this technique is to stop the blood flow to the liver, and then work on it with no blood flow in the body,” Dr. Hemming says. “The problem with that is the liver can only tolerate a certain amount of time with no blood flow; it starts to die.

Tattoo Leads to
Permanent Erection?

A 21-year-old Iranian man has a potentially permanent erection after getting his penis tattooed. Find out how it happened.

“The way for us to extend that time period is to cool the liver down,” Dr. Hemming adds. “That allows us to work on the liver for a longer period of time, and also gives us the opportunity, if we’re having trouble with the position of things, to take the liver right out of the body, put it on the back table, and we can spend hours very carefully taking the tumor off of these blood vessels, reconstructing them and then auto-transplanting the liver back in [the body].

“The nice thing for Clerisa is that she’s now had an operation that’s very equivalent to a transplant, but she doesn’t need immunosuppression,” Dr. Hemming explains. “So she’s just like she used to be, except she doesn’t have the tumor."