5 Amazing Before & Afters Revealed

Dental X-Ray Dangers
Recent research shows that undergoing frequent dental X-rays may put you at higher risk of meningiomas, benign brain tumors that can grow and cause problems such as vision loss, hearing issues, headaches, memory loss and seizures. Dental X-rays use ionizing radiation, which are linked to meningiomas.

Stem Cell Sneak Peek

If you or someone you love requires skin cancer removal, learn how stem cells harvested from your own fat can expedite the healing process.

“Ionizing radiation, we’ve seen it in World War II and we know that exposure to radiation can be harmful,” plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says.

However, modern digital X-rays have 90 percent less radiation and the American Dental Association (ADA) only recommends X-rays when absolutely necessary.

“How often should we be getting dental X-rays ?” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks. “We can all agree we feel a lot of pressure when we go to the dentist.”

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman says the ADA recommends a full set of X-rays every five years and bite wing X-rays every year.

“The good news about dental X-rays today is using the digital X-rays, you’re getting 90 percent less radiation than the old X-rays,” Dr. Dorfman reiterates. “I think most offices [offer] digital X-rays and if your dentist doesn’t, it may be a good reason to look for a new one.”

Power Tool Safety
More than 400,000 people are rushed to the emergency room each year from power tool injuries.While trying to fix a jammed nail gun Dennis, 52, accidentally fired a four-inch nail into his chest, piercing his right ventricle and sending him into cardiac arrest.

 “I thought I was dying, I really did,” Dennis says.

Inspiring Before-and-After Transformations
Ordinary people undergo extraordinary changes. Could they inspire you to help someone you love?

The Skinny on Blood Sugar

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and CVS pharmacist Usheema Thomas share tips for managing your blood sugar with the right foods.

Darren’s Story
Previously on The Doctors, Darren demonstrated how hard work and determination helped him drop 300 pounds. But with all the weight he lost, he gained tons of excess skin. So Darren could fully enjoy his success, Dr. Ordon offered to remove his excess skin. Watch how Dr. Ordon removed five feet of skin from Darren’s body.

Lisa’s Acne Triumph
Earlier this year, Lisa joined The Doctors hoping to find a solution for her severe acne. Dermatologist Dr. Howard Liu determined that the cause of Lisa’s blemishes was hormonal and placed her on hormone therapy, in addition to acne laser therapy to clear redness and scarring. See how Lisa’s complexion has changed.

Maria’s New Look and New Life
Nearly one year ago, Maria appeared on The Doctors looking to erase the scars of her past. After enduring multiple abusive relationships, leaving her with a broken nose and missing teeth, Maria decided to make a change by volunteering at Safe Passage, an organization that provides support to victims of domestic violence. “I wanted to help women in the same situations as me,” she says.

While helping other women in her position helped her heal on the inside, it was time to fix the damage on the outside. Dr. Dorfman gave Maria a brand new smile and Dr. Ordon offered to reconstruct her nose, as well as her mid-section.

“I feel great,” Maria says. “It’s like a whole new life.”

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Under the Knife
Dr. Travis recommends asking yourself the questions below before undergoing an elective procedure.

  • Who am I doing this for?
  • Can I live a happy life without it?
  • Do the benefits outweigh the costs?
  • Do I have complete confidence and trust in my doctor?
  • Do I have any doubts?