Fix Your Flat Hair, Flat Feet, Flat Booty and More!

Fix Your Flats
From your head to your toes, The Doctors show you how to fix your body’s flats.

• Celebrity stylist Kim Vo’s tips for flat ironing your hair.

Flatten Your Belly
E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares tips for a flatter belly in five days … flat!

• Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day to flush out excess water weight.

• Stop eating three to four hours before bedtime.
• Eat a palm-sized portion of lean protein three times a day, with all the vegetables you can eat.

• Get more tips for a flat belly with Dr. Travis’ Lean Belly Prescription.
Turn your fat belly into a flat belly.

Banishing Back Fat
Heather, 40, says she’s embarrassed by the hump on her back, just below her neck.

I have this lump on my back; I call it the fat pad,” Heather says. “I feel like everyone’s looking at it, and it makes me feel insecure and uncomfortable.”

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The dorsocervical fat pad, commonly known as a “buffalo hump,” generally occurs when fat stores up in the area just below the neck as a person ages. It can also be attributed to poor posture and obesity, or conditions such as Cushing’s syndrome or osteoporosis. Extended use of certain steroid medications, such as cortisone, have also been known to cause the hump.

Skin surgeon Dr. Sandra Lee performs liposuction to flatten out Heather’s dorsocervical fat pad.

“Liposuction treats problem areas with excess fat,” plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon says. “And this is one of the best areas to be treated.”

“The procedure is very rewarding, and very easy to [perform],” Dr. Lee adds.

Flat Neck
Bailey, 15, has been using a cell phone since she was in the fifth grade, and texts constantly. Over the last two years, she reports experiencing pain in her neck and wonders if it’s attributed to the frequent use of her phone. Bailey and her mom, Tiffany, join The Doctors to see if texting is the cause of Bailey’s discomfort.

After performing an x-ray on Bailey, chiropractor Jennifer Jara reveals that she suffers from flat neck, a common condition among teens. Flat neck is the decrease of the normal, healthy curvature of the spine, which, over time, can lead to a flat neck.

While texting, people are often hunched over, looking down at their phones. This position bends the neck in the opposite direction of the natural curve, and can diminish the curve over time. Flat neck can be the gateway to more significant problems, such as faster degeneration of the spine, arthritis and degenerative disc disease.

Tips for Preventing and Reversing Flat Neck

• While text messaging, hold the phone at eye level.
• Take a few minutes each day to lie on your back with your head hanging off the edge of a bed or sofa. This stretch will promote healthy curvature of the neck.
• Practice yoga, which helps with overall body realignment.

• For more information visit

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
Rubber cement facial injections? Superglue sutures? The Doctors weigh in on toxic and illegal cosmetic treatments that are making headlines across the country.







Pepper Spray Scares
It’s designed to ward off attackers – but is pepper spray causing more harm than we think? Student David Buscho, who was doused with pepper spray during a University of California, Davis campus protest, describes the physical sensations of being sprayed with the lachrymatory agent.

“It really was the most painful experience of my life,”  David says.  “It felt like hot shards of glass were just pouring over my eyes.”

Dr. Travis demonstrates the effects of pepper spray on the body, and personal safety expert, David Nance, shares tips for proper use.

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