LAUGH Yourself Firmer, Slimmer & Smarter!

Learn why laughter can truly be the best medicine! The Doctors are joined by stand-up comedian and actor Pauly Shore to explain how humor plays into your overall health.

Watch a recap of some of the funniest moments on The Doctors!

Laughing Matters
"[Laughing] is similar to cardio or going to the gym [or] going to the steam room. It's kind of a [way to] de-stress. You [can] just let go and I think that's really important," Pauly says.

Pauly describes how performing stand-up helps him release stress.

The Doctors hits the streets to see what makes you laugh the most!

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how laughing affects your body.

Explaining Ear Infections

Dr. Travis and CVS MinuteClinic family nurse practitioner Meredith Dixon discuss the causes and treatments for ear infections.

Pauly’s Pilates
Pauly is joined by his pilates instructor, Erica Meek, to show The Doctors some of the exercises he does to stay in shape.

• Check out Pauly's new film Whiskey Business on CMT!

Doggy Facelift?
Junior, a five-year-old Bloodhound, underwent several cosmetic surgeries over the course of two years, including a facelift and tummy tuck, to prevent blindness and other health problems from developing. See how Junior's surgeries went and learn why certain genetic predispositions of some dog breeds may require surgery.

Hilarity for Charity
Actor Seth Rogen recently created a charity event to benefit the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association. The Alzheimer's Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care and support, and the largest private, nonprofit funder of Alzheimer's research.

The Alzheimer's Association works on global, national and local levels to enhance care and support for Alzheimer's sufferers, caregivers and everyone affected by the disease and related dementia disorders.

Hollywood celebrities, including actors Paul Rudd, Sophia Bush, Aziz Ansari, Ty Burrell and many others also participated in the fundraiser. The event raised more than $300,000 dollars for Alzheimer’s research and awareness, but some of the celebs had a few medical questions of their own for The Doctors!

How do you regain your athleticism from your younger years?


Is a burst blood vessel in the eye a cause for concern?

How do you cure a hangover?

Ticklish Laughter

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains how laughing while being tickled is an involuntary response. Learn what happens inside your body when you are being tickled.

Hangover milkshake
Acupressure for hangovers
Oxygen bar to prevent hangovers

How Laughing Too Hard Can ...

Cause people to cry.
Cause urinary dribble.
Cause people to lose their breath.

Laughter Yoga?
It's fun and it's funny! See how humor can play into the many health benefits of yoga.

Yoga master Yogi Ramesh shows plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon the mind and body benefits of laughter yoga.

Watch as Dr. Ordon leads Pauly and The Doctors in a laughter yoga session.

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OAD 5/28/12