FIGHT Aging, Look HOT in Photos and Turn HIM On!

The Doctors unlock the secrets to a more beautiful you!

Kate Somerville’s Anti-Aging Treatments
Skin expert Kate Somerville shares her tips for revitalizing your youthful glow.

Darker Skin, Less Wrinkles?
A viewer asks:

Most of my Caucasian friends are jealous of my skin. I’m not complaining, but why does darker skin wrinkle less?

“It’s the amount of melanin produced in your skin,” plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains. “The single biggest thing that ages our skin is UV light and people with less melanin [and lighter complexions] absorb more UV light, which is damaging to the skin. People with more pigment [in their skin] do not absorb as much of that UV light.”

Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin
Dermatologist Dr. Glynis Ablon explains how your diet affects your skin and reveals tips for a clearer complexion.

Soda vs. chocolate? Milk vs. cheese? Jenna plays the “Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin” game.

How to Look Great in Pictures
Think you’re far from photogenic? Believe it or not, there’s a science behind taking the perfect picture. Celebrity photographer Jeff Berlin explains how to strike your best pose in every photo.

More tips to getting photo ready.
• Is your hair starting to thin? Get a thicker, fuller mane in a snap!

Reverse Signs of Aging
Refresh your face with cutting-edge procedures.

• Studies show that plastic surgery, on average, makes people look nine years younger. The Doctors put these findings to the test.

The Doctors and USA Weekend

The Doctors have an exciting partnership with USA Weekend magazine as the exclusive medical contributors to its weekly HealthSmart column!

• Latest: What you don't know about depression.
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Tips to Keep Him Turned On
From baby talk in the bedroom to role play in the hay, OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson reveals what can really spice up your love life.

Spice it up with simple household items.
The Doctors' Sex Camp for Men.
Dr. Ruth's sex tips.

Want to Work Out?
It’s never too late to start living an active lifestyle; however, starting off on the wrong foot can put your health in danger. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares tips for beginning your new exercise routine safely.