Shocking Germ Traps in Your Home & on Your Body!

Surprising Germ Hiding Places
From your favorite DVD to your trusty yoga mat, The Doctors reveal shocking breeding grounds for dangerous germs. Learn how to keep you and your loved ones infection-free.

Cuts and Scrapes
The Doctors reveal top first aid myths and how to properly care for cuts and scrapes.

Tips for Cleaning Wounds
• Remove bandages slowly, don’t rip them off in one quick stroke, as it can reopen the wound.

• Use antibiotic cream or gel before applying a bandage.
• Apply a thin layer of antibiotic cream, which will prevent infection and aid in healing.
• Don’t use adhesive bandages for knee and elbow wounds. Use flexible bangages that will move with you; liquid bandages are ideal for these areas.

First Aid Info
• Face injuries bleed much more than other parts of the body.
• Remove any pebbles or splinters lodged in wound with tweezers.
• If you feel itchy under the bandage, you may be allergic to the ointment or adhesive in the bandage.
• Never remove scabs on your own — wait for them to fall off.
• Use soap and water to clean area around the wound, but keep soap out of the wound.
• For surgical wounds, change the dressing daily.

Seek medical attention if your wound:
• Doesn't stop bleeding after 5 to 10 minutes.
• Is deeper or longer than 1/2 inch.
• Is near the eye.
• Was caused by something dirty or rusty, such as a nail.

• Was caused by a human or animal bite.

• Wound is gaping or ragged.

• Wound shows signs of infection.

How to recognize infection:
• If the skin around the wound becomes red, you probably have an infection. Clean the wound with water and re-bandage, but closely monitor.
• If you notice swollen lymph nodes or if you feel chills, high or low heart rate, etc. be sure to seek medical attention.

Sinusitis Solution
Sinus infections can be serious germ traps due to congestion and mucus buildup, and can cause debilitating pain.

Riley, 15, has acute sinusitis, which has negatively affected his athletic abilities and sleep patterns.

“I’m very active in sports,” Riley says. “Before I started getting sick I could breathe fine and now I can’t.

“I can’t sleep because of my coughing, and pressure in my head keeps me up,” he adds.

Riley’s parents, Tom and Lynn, director of The Doctors, took Riley to several physicians, one of which suggested major surgery.

“The solutions they presented were difficult; a lot of meds, a lot of antibiotics, a lot of steroids,” Lynn says.

“A full sinus surgery seemed extreme,” Tom adds.

However, otolaryngologist Dr. Marc Kayem presented Riley with one more option: Balloon dilation sinuplasty, a procedure aimed at opening the natural passages of the sinuses in a less invasive manner compared to endoscopic sinus surgery.

Dr. Kayem explains sinusitis and the balloon dilation sinuplasy. Plus, see how Riley is doing today!

Skin Scrubbing Experiment
Your face can become a bacteria breeding ground if you’re not careful. Whether it’s with your hands, a washcloth or an expensive cleaning brush, are you washing your face the right way? The Doctors and dermatologist Dr. Glynis Ablon evaluate the outcome of each cleansing method on the faces of Cassie and Stephanie.

• See the results of Cassie and Stephanie’s skin-scrubbing experiment.
• Nervous to bathe your newborn for the first time? Rest easy with Dr. Sears’ infant bathing tips.

Take Care “Down There”
Ladies: Discover grooming mistakes every woman makes. Plus, OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson’s tips for keeping your lady parts germ-free.

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