5 Shocking Health Dangers in Your Purse

Whether you call it a purse, a pocketbook or a handbag, the average American woman has six of them hanging in her closet. But can your bag contain hidden hazards?  The Doctors reveal the top five dangers lurking in your purse.


It’s spring, and that means allergy season. CVS/pharmacy Minute Clinic family nurse practitioner Meredith Dixon and The Doctors explain how allergens affect your body and what to do if you suffer from allergies.

Audience member Jamie allows The Doctors to check out the contents of her purse, and you won’t believe what they find!

Purse Danger No. 5: Nail File
The act of filing abrades the nail, and with each use, the filer is coming into contact with both exposed and fresh nail.

“This can be a germ hotel,” OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says. “If it has any fungus on it, or if fungus grows on it, then it’s going to stay on there.

“How many of you, even though it’s disposable, actually throw out your nail file after you’ve used it once?” Dr. Lisa asks. “The problem is that if you reuse this and stick it back in your purse, it can grow fungus, spores or saprophytes, and that can be spread to other things in your purse, like your phone, and your face or other parts of your body.”

Saprophytes are living fungal organisms that can be found on nail files and feed on skin and dust.

To avoid the nail file danger, discard disposable files after one use, or use a metal file that can be cleaned with hot, soapy water, leaving you – and your purse – fungus free!

Purse Danger No. 4:
PMS Medication

Learn how taking too much PMS medication, or combining it with alcohol, can affect your health.

Purse Danger No. 3: Lipstick
The Doctors reveal the hidden dangers of lipstick, and how to stay safe.

Purse Danger No. 2:
Face Cream

Learn when applying too much face cream can be harmful to your health, and learn tips for healthy skin.

Purse Danger No. 1: Cell Phones
While cell phones are essential to our daily lives, they can pose a number of health hazards. From skin problems to dangerous bacteria, The Doctors explain why you have to be careful when using your cell phone.

• Find out how your purse itself can pose health risks.

Oral Health
Could a tiny cavity signal serious health issues? Dentist, and co-host of The Doctors in Portugal, Dr. Miguel Stanley, reveals when a small tooth issue can lead to big problems.

Vasectomy Ban?
Georgia legislators have proposed a bill that would ban vasectomies for men. Representative Yasmin Neal, the author of the bill, claims it is designed to bring attention to the unfairness of anti-abortion bills being presented throughout the country.

“This bill mimics abortion bills throughout the nation,” representative Neal says. “And just like the abortion bills interfere with the woman’s right to choose, it’s only fair that the general assembly debate the men’s right to choose, as well.

“The day has come where men should feel the same pressure and invasion of privacy that women have faced for years,” representative Neal adds.

The Doctors debate the controversial bill proposal. What do you think about it?

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Pro-Vas vasectomy

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OAD 3/27/12