6 Liquids To Stop Hunger, Reverse Aging & Boost Libido!

Liquid Diets
Liquid diets may help you lose weight fast, but are they healthy?

In 1988, Oprah Winfrey famously lost 67 pounds over four months on a liquid diet. Soon after she ended the diet, however, the media mogul began regaining the weight she lost.

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“The reason liquid diets, in my opinion, don’t work, is that, what liquid diets don’t have are fiber [or] protein,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “You’ll lose a lot of weight, because what happens is you’re not only losing fat, you’re losing muscle. Well, muscle is more dense than fat, so when you lose muscle, you lose more weight. [But] when you gain that weight back, the muscle that you once had is gone. And now, you have more fat than ever, less muscle than ever, you weigh more than ever and you’re in a heap of hurt, because if you ever want to lose that weight, it’s going to be doubly difficult.

There are safe and healthy ways to incorporate satiating liquids into your diet. Having a high-protein smoothie made of fresh or frozen fruit with milk or Greek yogurt and protein for breakfast is a healthy way to start the day, as the protein and fiber will keep you full and alert throughout the morning.

“One of the reasons a good breakfast smoothie will work is because, [while] it’s not necessarily low-calorie,” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says, “each one of those calories is good for you.”

“Now Oprah’s active, lives a healthy life [and] looks great,” Dr. Travis says.

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“Because I went intraorally, there’s no bleeding, there are no marks on the skin, she’s not going to have any bruising because it was [done] deep,” Dr. Ordon says.