Your Most Embarrassing Questions Ever!

From bad gas, to poop problems and more – The Doctors answer your most embarrassing questions!

Coco’s Behind
E! reality star Coco is notorious for her big booty, but is it real? The model joins The Doctors to finally set the record straight!

Coco opens up about her controversial caboose, and the problems with having a large derriere.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon performs a booty ultrasound to determine whether Coco’s behind is real or fake.

Buttock augmentation.
Booty boosting moves.
Miami Thong Lift.
Butt surgery options.
Dr. Ordon's Blog: Butt implants and lifts. 

Caught in the Act
After hearing her mother have loud sex in their house, authorities say a 15-year-old Florida girl called 911, and demanded to be taken to a Christian children’s center, claiming she “felt disrespected.” While the 35-year-old mother admitted to having sex with her boyfriend, she explained that she didn’t intend to disturb her daughter.

“The police showed up, but nobody was arrested, because it was a crime of passion,” pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears jokes.

Ask Our Doctors:
Embarrassing Questions

• What causes female ejaculation?
• Is it OK to bite your toenails?
• What causes embarrassing gas?
• Why does corn come out in stool?

“But, a lot of parents want to know what [should] you say to your child if they kind of catch you in the act,” Dr. Sears says. “What you say to your child depends on their age and what their knowledge base is already. Suppose you have a 3-year-old, they’re probably going to have to be reassured that nobody’s getting hurt.

“If it’s an older child, maybe 5 or 6 [years old], they’re pretty curious, and they’re going to have a lot of questions,” Dr. Sears adds. “You’re going to need to come up with some better answers. [Maybe say], ‘Mommy and Daddy are just having private time. Can you please close the door?’ And don’t get all freaked out about it.” 

Dr. Sears’ Sweaty Situation
No one is immune to embarrassing body problems – not even The Doctors. "It’s hard to admit it, but I have a really embarrassing problem,” Dr. Sears says. “I sweat like crazy!

Embarrassing Pregnancy Issues

From crazy cravings to going number two during delivery, new moms divulge their embarrassing pregnancy experiences.

• Why does pregnancy cause some women to have bad gas?

“I’ve tried every kind of fabric, every deodorant [and] I’ve even tried changing my diet,” Dr. Sears adds, “but nothing works.”

Dr. Sears joins OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson in The Doctors’ Anti-Stink and Sweat Lab to take a dip in a sage, rosemary and lemon bath, a home remedy that may help curb his excessive sweating. Learn the benefits, and if it can help your sweaty problem!

Dr. Travis demonstrates why people sweat.
Common sweating solutions explained.
Stop excessive sweating.
Surgery for excessive sweating.
Bath to minimize sweating. 

Tattoo Removal
While in her 20s, Gina decided to get a tattoo of the first and last names of the man she was dating at the time. Seventeen years later, and married to a different man, she finally decides to have it removed. Watch as laser specialist Roberta Moradfar performs a laser tattoo removal, and learn how it works.