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What is the difference between a stomach flu and food poisoning?

Neti Pot Dangers

Could using a neti pot be deadly? Find out what to avoid and how to stay safe when using the nasal irrigation device.

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Driving While Sick
Is driving while sick just as dangerous as driving drunk? A study by a United Kingdom-based car insurance company, Young Marmalade, and Cardiff University in Wales found that the driving skills of people who drove while sick dropped an estimated 50 percent, as compared to healthy drivers. The study found that the reduced reaction time and concentration in those who were sick was similar to driving after consuming four shots of whiskey.

Nigel Lacy, a representative from Young Marmalade, joins The Doctors by phone to explain the shocking results.

“The results, due to the poor reaction times, are identical [between driving drunk and driving while sick],” Nigel says.

“We all know that there’s a difference between a mild cold, where there’s just the annoying sniffles and congestion, and when you have a full-on episode of the flu with fever and headaches, and you just don’t think right and you don’t even sound as though you’re making sense,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “That’s probably the time you don’t want to get behind the wheel.”

All About Organs

• Why do people have two kidneys and only one liver

• How can you determine if pain is coming from a muscle or an organ?

Sexual Arousal
Is there a specific time of day that women are most sexually aroused?

“Women are hormonal beings,” OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says. “Besides a more optimal time of day, there’s also, obviously, an optimal time of month. [The optimal time of day] is usually a little bit later on in the afternoon, because your hormones fluctuate during the day a little bit.

“During the month, we know that our hormones fluctuate with our cycle,” Dr. Lisa adds. “So, obviously, when you ovulate, the time that you’re trying to get pregnant, is really the time that women are kind of programmed to be most aroused. [This is] around the middle of the month, day 14 of a woman’s cycle, she’s most aroused.”

• Does the power of a man’s ejaculation matter while trying to conceive?
• Is it possible to get pregnant with only one fallopian tube?

Cleaning “Down There”
Is it safe to use facial wipes to clean your private parts?

“Sometimes, let’s face it: We may not feel so fresh down there, but you don’t have access to a shower,” Dr. Travis says. “In most cases, it’s probably fine to use one of these towelettes to clean off down there. Having said that, I would go with the ones that are fragrance-free, because, as we all know, you can get an allergic dermatitis or irritation. These facial wipes that are meant to remove makeup, you probably don’t need that down there.”

Dr. Lisa says you should avoid using products that contain makeup remover, perfumes, hydroxy acids or acne medication, like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, and antibacterial wipes, to clean your private parts. “It’s a really, really sensitive area, and [you can] give yourself a lot of bacterial or fungal infections,” she says. “And make sure to dry really well afterwards.”

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