Unwrap the Secrets to a Healthy Holiday!

‘Tis the season for family, food and fun! Unwrap the secrets to a healthy and happy holiday.

Scared of Santa

To most people, Santa spreads holiday cheer. However, some young children are scared of Santa and his reindeer. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears and doctor of psychology Wendy Walsh, Ph.D. explain how to help your kids overcome “Santa Phobia.”

• Dr. Sears shares tips to get your kids to take their medications and stay healthy for the holidays.
Dr. Sears and Dr. Wendy visit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to spread holiday cheer!

In 2010, Mrs. Claus asked The Doctors to help her husband, Santa, get fit for the holidays. But while Santa stuck to a healthier lifestyle over the past year, Mrs. Claus worries that he drinks too much coffee to stay awake on Christmas Eve and asks The Doctors if too much Joe is detrimental to his health.

“If you’re drinking so much coffee that you’re irritable, you’re restless [and] you have insomnia, coffee’s not good for you in that case,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says. “But, as long as you’re drinking it in moderation, coffee actually has some very good health benefits.”

Find out how coffee can help your heart, brain, belly and more!

• Certified nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella, author of P.I.N.K. Method, shows you how to make a simple, easy and healthy holiday meal: P.I.N.K. Method Turkey Avocado Starters. Get the recipe!
Enter for a chance to win your own P.I.N.K. Method package!

Holiday Health Hazards
The Doctors reveal hidden holiday hazards, and explain how to keep you and your family safe!

• Learn how to keep your pets from chewing on your tree!

Holiday hazards aren’t just lurking around your house, however. Every year, there are 1.5 million car accidents involving a deer. Accidents are more likely to occur around the holidays because it gets darker earlier and more people are driving to and from holiday celebrations. Deer are nocturnal animals and are most apt to run across a road between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., making them a serious danger to drivers.

Holiday Tunes

Tony, Grammy and Olivier award-winning music sensations the Jersey Boys perform the holiday classic Winter Wonderland live onstage!

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts a healthy twist on The 12 Days of Christmas.

Tips to Avoid Hitting a Deer
Slow down around curves.

If you see a deer in the road, flash your high beams at it, and if it doesn’t move, slowly stop.
While there is not much evidence to support their effectiveness, you can use a deer whistle, which emits a high-pitched sound to the animal. “Some people swear by them,” Dr. Travis says.

More road safety tips from OnStar.
Shopping during the holidays can cause more than headaches. The Doctors show you how to stay safe while at the store.

The Doctors’ Christmas Party Spa
Want to look your best for those holiday parties? Enter The Doctors’ Christmas Party Spa for solutions to your biggest hair problems, tips for a brighter smile and more!

Learn how to keep your heart healthy and reduce holiday stress this season.
• Get the recipe for the No-Stress Hot Cider!


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