The Cost of Living

How do you stay healthy in tough economic times? From annual check-ups and tests to surgeries and prescriptions, healthcare costs add up quickly. The Doctors helps you manage your well-being on a budget.

“Fifty million Americans are uninsured,” plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon says. “What we’re always striving for are those yearly checkups, whether it be your mammogram, breast exams, prostate exams, those kind of yearly routines. A lot of people aren’t getting those. And we know that with early detection and early treatment, a lot of these big health issues are treatable.”

At your next meal, fatten your … wallet?
Improve your health on a budget.

Health mistakes that are making you broke.
Budget beauty tips.
The state of healthcare in America.
Tips to save on healthcare.
How to save money, look younger and live longer.
Twenty fast fixes for dozens of problems.

Cost of Living
Country music legend Ronnie Dunn joins The Doctors to explain what inspired him to write his new hit single, Cost of Livin’'. Watch him perform it live onstage!

True or False?
The Doctors sets the record straight about the cost of living with a game of true or false!

1. Low-income families frequent fast food restaurants more than anyone else. True or False?

2. If your body-mass index is over 30, you could be paying more for insurance in five years. True or False?

3. If you smoke a pack a day, you could be spending almost $2,000 a year on cigarettes. True or False?

4. If you use a credit card to buy a meal, you’re more likely to eat unhealthily. True or False?

5. Seventy-four percent of people in the United States get preventative dental care. True or False?

Healthcare on the House
If parents lose health benefits, it doesn’t always mean their children must go without proper care. See how some universities are offering affordable dental and vision care for school-aged children whose parents don't have insurance.

“Almost every community has free dental clinics available,” Dr. Travis says. “Just do a little bit of research.”

Save or Spend?

Not all discounted items are created equal. Learn when it doesn’t pay to save.

Are name-brand medications really worth the extra cost?

CVS/Pharmacy Prescription for Health
Dr. Ordon and CVS/Pharmacy reveal which foods are best for your brain!

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OAD 12/5/11