How Pink Affects Your Health

Pink is not just a color! The Doctors reveals the good, bad and pretty powers of pink.


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P.I.N.K. Method
Feel sexier than ever before with P.I.N.K. Method, a cutting-edge program designed for women, by women! Lose weight fast and keep it off, regardless of your age and fitness level. P.I.N.K. Method meets you where you are, and takes you where you’ve always wanted to be!

P.I.N.K. Method is produced by The Doctors’ Executive Producer, Jay McGraw. 

“I created this diet and workout program specifically for women,” nutritionist and P.I.N.K. Method developer Cynthia Pasquella says. “This is literally the last diet program you’ll ever need.”

Fitness for Your Body
P.I.N.K. Method progresses you through three calorie-shredding phases customized to your body’s needs. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100, world-class fitness experts and P.I.N.K. trainers Jenna Phillips, Lisa Christie and Basheerah Ahmad, take you through the sculpting, cardio and flexibility program to blast fat, chisel long, lean muscles and reveal your natural curves!


Complete Nutrition
P.I.N.K. Method brings you four diets in one: Reset, P.I.N.K. Primary, 7-Day Shred and P.I.N.K. Preservation. Focusing on light proteins, plant and vegetable sources and slow foods, the nutrition program is designed to jumpstart your metabolism and effectively fuel your life and your workouts.

Plants: Plant-based diets have proven to promote weight loss and prevent weight gain. Plant foods also fight the fat gene lipoprotein lipase (LPL), the enzyme responsible for storing fat.
Protein: Protein builds and rebuilds tissue including body-firming muscle. It also optimizes your immune system and helps carry nutrients throughout the body.

Slow Foods: Slow foods are foods with a low glycemic index, which help burn fat faster. These include bananas, apples and berries. High glycemic foods such as soda, sugar and white bread, however, cause your body to store fat.
Density: Density means better nutrition per calorie to fill you up quickly and keep you satisfied longer, preventing overeating.
Simplicity: Don’t count every calorie, weigh every ounce and obsess over every bite!
Cut the C.R.A.P: Cut out coffee, refined sugar, alcohol and processed foods.

Total Support
Stay motivated through your P.I.N.K. Method journey with Conveniently keep tabs on your progress, track your diet and workouts and meet others who are empowering themselves to live healthier and better lives.

“Support is one of the best ways to keep someone on a weight-loss program,” OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says.

At, recipes, work out ideas and live Web chats with your P.I.N.K. trainers are all at your fingertips!

Success Stories
The proof is in the pounds! See P.I.N.K. Method success stories and learn how you can change your life too!

Pink Body Problems
Embarrassed by an unsightly scar? Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban shows you how to erase it with the latest laser technology. Plus, how to prevent pimples before they pop up! Ever woken up with puffy, pink eyelids? Learn if it's an allergy or an infection. And what does it mean if your urine is pink?

Pink: The Not-So-Pretty Side
Ever discovered pink mildew in your shower? It’s a bacteria called serratia marcescens that feeds off of soap residue and causes urinary tract and wound infections.

Get rid of it as soon as possible with bleach-based disinfectant, but be very careful using these products.

“Follow the instructions on the bottle and rinse well,” Dr. Lisa says. “Be sure to ventilate the area well while you’re cleaning or it can cause respiratory problems and headaches.”

P.I.N.K. Method is produced by The Doctors’ Executive Producer, Jay McGraw.

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