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Double Uterus Pregnancy
One mom, two uteruses and a one-in-5 million chance of giving birth to twins; Andreea and Miguel Barbosa make their first national television appearance since the miraculous birth of their babies, Natalie and Nathan, in an exclusive interview with The Doctors.

“Back in 2007, [doctors] found that I had one kidney and two uteruses ,” Andreea says. “I cried. It was just scary finding all this stuff out after all this time thinking I was normal. I was scared, concerned about my [ability] to have babies.”

One year after her diagnoses, Andreea gave birth to her first child, Isabella. Two years following Isabella’s birth, Andreea conceived again, and a sonogram revealed shocking results.

“With the second pregnancy, [the ultrasound practitioner] found a baby in the left uterus and kept looking and looking,” Andreea says. “She goes, ’Wait a minute, there’s another one in the right uterus!’

“We were shocked. Really, really shocked,” she says. “It was scary, just because I knew my first pregnancy went well, but having one in each uterus I didn’t know if my left uterus worked as well as the right one.”

Andreea searched online for information on her type of pregnancy, but says she couldn’t find much.

According to Andrea’s obstetrician, Dr. Patricia St. John, who delivered the twins, the chances of this type of pregnancy are one in 5 million.

“It certainly was my first delivery [of this type], and will probably be the only one,” Dr. St. John says.

OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains the anatomy of double uteruses.

In a national television first, meet the twins, Natalie and Nathan. Plus, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears’ tips for raising twins.

How to Get Younger-Looking Hands
While your complexion may be younger than its years, the appearance of your hands can give away your age. Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole demonstrates a new procedure involving fillers and lasers to refresh the look of Charm’s hands.

“It’s a new procedure that we’ve been doing at the Cosmeticare Hand Rejuvenation Center, where we actually use fillers and a CO2 fractional core laser which helps rejuvenate the hands,” Dr. Niccole says.

“After one week, you can see the difference, and it’s painless,” he adds.

“I could feel it, but it wasn’t painful at all,” Charm reports.

See Charm’s results!

The results last approximately one year with synthetic fillers; however, a patient may opt for fat fillers, which are expected to last between four to five years. The cost per hand is roughly $2,000 for fat fillers and $1,200 for synthetic fillers.

Band-Aid Dermatitis
After removing a bandage, is the skin underneath red, raw and tender? It could be Band-Aid dermatitis.

“Taking a Band-Aid off, [in general], is going to be a little bit painful because of the adhesive, particularly if you have hairy arms,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork Says.

“But Band-Aid dermatitis is when you take the Band-Aid off and [the skin underneath] is bright red and irritated,” he adds.

With any type of contact dermatitis, whether it be caused by a bandage, nickel or poison ivy, your immune system reacts to tell you to avoid that substance all together.

If you suffer from contact dermatitis, Dr. Sears recommends soothing the area with hydrocortisone cream, antihistamine creams or putting a cold milk compress on the irritation.

As an alternative to using an adhesive bandage, try wrapping a wound with gauze and securing it with glueless tape.

“Everyone just pay attention when you’re putting things on your body over and over again, and if you’re getting a reaction, stop using that product,” Dr. Travis says.

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The Doctors and doctor of psychology Wendy Walsh, Ph.D., provide answers to your biggest how-to questions.