Ask Our Docs: Myth Or Reality?

The Doctors prove or disprove some of the most commonly debated health questions in a special Ask Our Docs: Myth or Reality edition!

Caffeine Delivery Systems

Need a pick-me-up but aren’t a coffee, tea or soda drinker? From caffeine inhalers to caffeine suppositories, learn the newest methods of administering energy and whether or not they’re safe.

Alarm Clock Dangers?
A study out of Japan discovered alarming statistics on how waking to the sudden, shrill sound of an alarm clock can create higher blood pressure and more rapid heart rates than waking naturally. The instantaneous shift from sleeping to waking triggers the body’s fight or flight response, causing a surge of adrenaline.

Over time, this abrupt transition and daily adrenaline jolt can cause chronic stress and increase the risk of a heart attack. Learn methods to awaken naturally and discover how soothing alarm clocks can help you wake up more peacefully.

Freshman 15: Myth or Big, Fat Truth?
Do college freshman really pack on the pounds when they’re forced to fend for themselves to make food and lifestyle choices? Find out!

Debunking “Down There” Myths
Does yellow dye #5 affect sperm count? Do testosterone supplements cause shrinkage “down there?” Dr. Dudley Danoff, board-certified urologist and author of Penis Power, joins The Doctors to help clarify fact from fiction regarding men’s private parts.

Myth or Reality?
The Doctors distinguish fact from fiction regarding common health theories.

Ink Poisoning
Do you ever scribble something on your hand when a piece of paper isn't available? Discover whether you're putting yourself at risk from writing on your skin.

Fitness Facts or Fiction?
From the causes of exercise cramps to whether any particular food is best for losing weight, health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels provides answers to common fitness questions.