Fifty Ways Color Affects Your Health

Your well-being is not as simple as black and white. The Doctors takes on the color spectrum of your health!


What’s healthier : freshly squeezed orange juice or orange juice from concentrate?

Should you be worried if your urine has an orange hue to it ?

Is it ever unsafe to use fresh pumpkin to make
pumpkin pie?

Too Much Botox?
A viewer from Orange County, California, asks plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon if there is such a thing as too much Botox.

“You can overdose with Botox if you’re using it to treat sweating or other things like that,” Dr. Ordon says. “The toxic levels are about 200 units. Typically, if you’re just doing a facial injection for wrinkles, it’s about 25 units, so you’re safe.”

Tanning Tips

Are sunless tanners turning your skin orange? Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon reveals sunless tanning tips , and Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWOWW” Farley shares her tanning secrets .

Dr. Ordon explains that if you do take in toxic levels of Botox, it can cause muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing and trouble speaking and breathing. “People actually have died of bad Botox,” Dr, Ordon adds. “Make sure you’re having your Botox done by a [board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon] who knows the anatomy, knows the dosages and isn’t going to leave you with a frozen face.”

More Orange Answers
How can you tell if your cantaloupe is ripe? – The top smells sweet and the color is golden.
Can carrot juice really turn my skin orange? – Yes, too much can temporarily tint the skin.
What are the health benefits of dried, packaged orange peel? – It’s a good source of potassium, which may help regulate blood pressure and prevent certain cancers.


What causes the “Blue Man” to be blue ?

Bleu Cheese
Janet, from Springfield, Missouri, says she is allergic to penicillin, and asks The Doctors if she should avoid eating bleu cheese, which contains penicillin, because of her allergy.

Exercise as You Age

True blue Los Angeles Dodgers baseball legend, 84-year-old Tommy Lasorda, asks The Doctors how much exercise he should do daily. Find out how you can stay fit as you age .

“That blue-green mold that’s running through the bleu cheese is called penicillium roqueforti,” Dr. Ordon says. “That actually is mold that’s a strand of penicillin. But the dose is so small, that chances are extremely [unlikely] that you would have a true penicillin allergy reaction to it.

“If you were to experience bloating, cramping or any other type of reaction if you’re eating cheese, you may have an allergy to penicillin, but it may just be a reaction to the cheese itself,” Dr. Ordon adds.

More Blue Answers
Are frozen blueberries better than fresh blueberries? – Both are equally nutritious.

Is it normal for my lips to turn blue after a workout? – No, this could mean your blood oxygen is low. Be cautious, slow down and talk to your doctor.
Can I do anything about the blue veins under my skin? – Yes, laser treatment is a viable option.


What causes motion sickness ?

What’s the best way to treat a yellow jacket sting ?

Colorful Questions

• Are playground ball pits filled with colorful balls safe for kids ?
Does cooking tomatoes destroy vitamin content , or are they just as healthy?
How to avoid being “yellow-bellied,” and show more confidence at work?
Why does fake silver turn skin green ?
What causes silver streaks of hair ?
Why do some people black out after drinking alcohol?

Foot Pain
Rachel, a ranger at Yellowstone National Park, says she has begun to notice a numb, tingly painful sensation in the balls of her feet and her middle three toes after just a few miles of hiking. She asks The Doctors what may be causing it and how she can treat it.

“I know this feeling, because it can happen to a lot of folks after prolonged walking,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

Dr. Travis demonstrates why the sensation occurs, and offers tips for relieving the pain .

Myth or Reality?
From mercury levels in yellowfin tuna to the health risks of honey, The Doctors play “Myth or Reality: Yellow Edition.”

More Yellow Answers
Will lemon water boost my metabolism? – There is no concrete evidence of this, but it can help relieve water retention.

Can wearing sunglasses with yellow lenses improve my golf game? – Maybe; they improve contrast, which may help you keep your eye on the ball.


What causes grass rash , and how can you treat it?

Medical Marijuana
Andy, from Sarasota, Florida, says he occasionally uses medical marijuana for pain, but just found out he needs to undergo anesthesia for surgery, and asks The Doctors if it is safe.


How pink is too pink when cooking meat?
Can you really be tickled pink ?
Is it OK if a young boy’s favorite color is pink ?

More Pink Answers
Is the pinkest salmon healthiest? – Dark pink has less fat than light pink.

How long is pink eye contagious? – As long as symptoms are present.

“Marijuana does slow the central nervous system,” Dr. Ordon says. “If you use it before any type of surgery [that requires] anesthesia, it may slow it down too much when combined with the other anesthetic agents and medications [doctors] are using with the anesthesia.

“What you should do [is] stop [using] the marijuana, just like smoking, at least two weeks before your procedure,” Dr. Ordon adds. “Most importantly, tell your health care provider that you’re smoking marijuana. We say it over and over again: We don’t judge!”

More Green Answers
What are the health benefits of dried seaweed? – It is low in calories and high in fiber, iron and magnesium.

Why is my mucus dark green? – This may indicate an infection has set in. Consult your doctor.

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