The Doctors' Wake-Up Call with Jillian, Part 2

Whether it’s tobacco, alcohol, caffeine or sugar, if you or someone you love is grappling with addiction, you’re not alone. The Doctors gives you the tools to quit in the brand-new reality series “The Doctors’ Wake-Up Call with Jillian!”

Wake-Up Call Web Exclusive

The Couples reveal their behind-the-scenes thoughts on their first night in The Doctors' House .

 • Are you or is someone you love dealing with addiction? Tell us your story.

Cameras roll 24/7 as three couples with three addictions are given the wakeup call of their lives. Watch “Wake-Up Call with Jillian!” every Thursday on The Doctors.

Steve, a husband, expecting father and leukemia survivor, is also a two-time DUI offender who smokes up to two packs of cigarettes a day. Can Jillian open his eyes to the gravity of his recklessness? Is Corey’s gluttonous diet sending him to an early grave? Jillian pushes him off the couch and on to the road to recovery. Will it be enough to turn his harmful health habits around? And, see how addictions to chewing tobacco and excessive exercise are crushing Patrick and Terri's 22-year marriage. Can 72 hours in The Doctors'House save their union?

Grocery Store Challenge
Health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels puts the husbands in charge of buying groceries for their entire stay at The Doctors’ House. “Your wives have had it with your destructive habits,” she says. “I want to see you provide for your house and your family.”

With only 15 minutes to shop, will they make smart choices?

“I want these husbands to do the shopping to see where their heads are at,” Jillian says. “Are they motivated?”

“I think we did well,” Patrick says. “I think we got enough good, healthy food.”

“This is why you never let a man shop by themselves,” Kelsey says. ”Never, ever.”

Jillian’s Shakedown

“Before I arrived at The Doctors' House, I’d been observing the couples for 24 hours to get a sense of how they really lived,” Jillian says.  “But when I finally had enough, it was time for me to go in for the shakedown.”

Jillian lays it all out on the line for the three couples, and says whether it’s food, alcohol or tobacco, their dangerous habits are destroying their families and their lives.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork joins Jillian and says, “What I see here is that you all three have not only lost control of your lives, but you’ve lost control of your health.”

Medical Risks of Addiction

Dr. Travis shows the husbands the damage they've done to their hearts, lungs and livers, and OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson performs an ultrasound on Kelsey, who is 12-weeks pregnant with her and Steven’s first child.

“Think about your internal organs before you consider doing your habit,” Dr. Travis says. “Your habit will put you in the grave before your time. That’s just the medical truth.” 

Kelsey asks about the effects of second-hand smoke on her baby. “If she can carry your baby, you can quit smoking,” Dr. Lisa tells Steven.

Sneak Peek: See what’s coming up on The Doctors’ Wake-Up Call with Jillian!  “There’s so much more, and that’s what surprising,” Dr. Travis says.

• Your body's most vital organs
Smoking and breastfeeding

Quest Diagnostics
Corey, Steven and Patrick were all sent to obtain blood work by Quest Diagnostics, which offers the most extensive clinical testing network in the United States.

• To find a Quest location near you, click here.

Southwest Diagnostic Imaging and Body Viz
• Before the show, Corey was sent to Southwest Diagnostic Imaging to get an MRI using one of their brand new, open-bore scanners to obtain an image of his heart. With this information, Dr. Travis could get a clearer idea of what was going on inside Corey’s body. See Corey's reaction!
• Then, using BodyViz technology, Dr. Travis was able to show Corey the exact damage his overeating had done to his heart. BodyViz software creates 3D images of MRI and CT scans that can be controlled with an XBOX controller!

Skin Truth
The elements can be tough on your skin. Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon and dermatologist Dr. Rosemary Ingleton explain how to get the best skin during every season.  “As your wardrobe changes with the seasons, so should your skin routine,” Dr. Ordon says.