How Music Affects Your Health

When it comes to your health, sing it loud and sing it proud! The Doctors shows you why music is medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Can your voice boost your
sex appeal

Does provocative music lead to promiscuity?

Can music affect how much you eat?

The Gift of Voice
In 1999, Brenda fell into a diabetic coma and developed a bacterial infection in her blood, causing kidney failure. “We were told she would not make it and we should think about making funeral arrangements,” Brenda’s daughter Kathyrn says. “Miraculously, she pulled through. She started getting better and [doctors] started tapering her out of her sedation. Every time they would wean her off the sedation, she would [pull her breathing tube] out of her throat.”

As a result of repeatedly pulling her tube out of her throat, Brenda’s vocal cords became paralyzed, leaving her unable to speak without an electronic larynx, which leaves Brenda with a robotic-sounding voice.

“When talking with the machine, it’s been very difficult because people stare,” Brenda says through the aid of her electronic larynx. “It’s humiliating because they try to imitate you like I was a monster or robot.

“Talking with this machine can be very isolating,” Brenda adds.

Would You Rather ...

Would you rather sing the national anthem in front of a packed stadium or streak naked in the same arena? Tell us your choice!

To regain her voice after 12 years of silence, Brenda undergoes the world’s second larynx-trachea-thyroid transplant, an 18-hour surgery that takes an international team of surgeons to perform.

Brenda joins The Doctors to reveal the results of the procedure. Hear her brand-new voice and learn how the surgery is performed.

"I was just amazed," Brenda says. "I couldn't believe it. I feel so blessed, I just can't thank anybody as much as I can thank the doctors and all the time they put into this. It's just a miracle."

Sing It Loud
Is your singing voice beautiful or a bit off-key? Find out what causes distinct voices, and how to improve yours.

See how your vocal cords work when you’re belting
out a tune.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears takes his voice from so-so
to sensational

Does your throat often feel scratchy? Learn the reasons behind your hoarseness.


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OAD 11/2/11