The Doctors’ Wake-Up Call with Jillian!

Whether it’s smoking, drinking or eating, if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, you're not alone. The Doctors gives you the tools to quit in the brand new series “Wake-Up Call with Jillian!”

 “It’s pretty intense,” health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels says. “We took three couples who were destroying their health and their families due to addictions, and moved them into The Doctors’ House. What you’re going to see if terrifying. You’re going to cry, but you’re also going to laugh and hopefully we’re going have a happy ending.”

Meet the Couples
Meet three husbands grappling with addictions that are not only destroying their health, but their marriages, too. Can they confront their demons and reclaim their lives?

“The fact that they came [to The Doctors’ House] showed there was some hope, some desire to change,” Jillian says.

Corey and Gena

Corey, a 320 pound 29-year-old father of two is among the 18 million Americans struggling with food addiction. Corey says he eats fast food at least four times a day, drinks up to seven sodas daily and once consumed 13 slices of bacon in one sitting. “My typical day is lying on the couch, watching TV, eating some snack food,” Corey confesses.  Diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol and a cyst on his kidney, and having been hospitalized for heart attack and stroke-like symptoms, Corey’s health is at extreme risk. “Right now, the way Corey’s going, I can’t see him being here in 10 years,” his wife, Gena, says. “He’s eating himself to his death.”

How obesity affects the body
You are what you eat

Steven and Kelsey

Steven, a 35-year-old leukemia survivor, smokes up to two packs of cigarettes a day. “I can’t control whether I smoke or not,” he says. “Whether it’s walking the dog [or] watering the grass, I need a cigarette.”
While Steven admits to his cigarette dependency, he says his fondness for alcohol is under control, despite being a two-time DUI offender. “I don’t think I have a problem with drinking,” he says.
His wife, Kelsey, is pregnant with their first child and says Steven has become extremely angry and violent towards her when he drinks. Her biggest concern, however, is losing her husband to a relapse of leukemia. Will he see that he’s blowing his second chance at life?

How smoking affects the body
Lung Cancer

Patrick and Terri

It’s an addiction that affects 8 million Americans: chewing tobacco. Patrick, 51, says he chews every single day. “I have made multiple promises that I would quit, and I have a 3-ounce bag of tobacco that controls me,” Patrick confesses. Patrick’s habit is ruining his teeth, his health and his marriage. “I can’t remember the last time we had a real kiss,” says Terri, Patrick’s wife of 22 years. Terri is a self-proclaimed “exercise freak,” who runs in the morning, then hits the gym after work. “[Exercising] is good for her, but when it interferes with family time, it gets me upset,” Patrick says. Can 72 hours in The Doctors’ House save Patrick and Terri’s union?

• The risks of chewing tobacco
Oral cancer detection

“I’m not a doctor and I’m not a therapist, but what I do are three things: push people to see the reality of the disaster they’ve created, push them to do things they don’t believe they’re strong enough to do and most importantly, show them that they are worth the effort of making a change,” Jillian says.

Cameras roll 24/7 as three couples struggling to face their demons are given the wake-up call of their lives, every Thursdsay on The Doctors.

The Journey Begins

The couples travel to Los Angeles and move into The Doctors’ House.

Sneak Peek: See what’s coming up on “Wake-Up Call with Jillian!”

Could you have a drinking problem and not realize it? E.R physician Dr. Travis Stork explains the signs of alcoholism, and demonstrates alcohol’s detrimental effects on the liver.

The Doctors and USA Weekend

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 “People need to think about the consequences [of drinking],” Dr. Travis says. “You can’t live if your liver doesn’t function properly.”

Responsible drinking
Alcohol poisoning

“I think we oftentimes think of addiction as being something like an illegal drug,” Dr. Travis says. “But you can actually be addicted to a lot of things.”

Dr. Travis explains how addiction affects the brain, and the team tackles surprising addictions that are hitting the headlines.

Sex addiction: Is it real?

• Get help: Addiction Resources

Beat your Next Craving
Are you trying to curb an unhealthy habit? The Doctors share three simple tips to keep you on track to quitting.

• Chewing sugarless gum can help fulfill an oral fixation, as an alternative to smoking, chewing tobacco or drinking.
Sipping acidic beverages like cranberry juice can help curb cravings.
• Go for a walk! Walking 30 minutes a day can help reduce withdrawal symptoms like depression and anxiety. 

Skin Truth
September is national skincare awareness month. Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon and dermatologist Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton share tips for taking care of your body’s largest organ: your skin.


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